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All About Chandler Bats

All About Chandler Bats

Aaron Judge. Kris Bryant. Bryce Harper.

40+ professional baseball players swing Chandler Bats baseball bats, and the star power of the previously mentioned MLB players has made the bat industry's gold standard shine a little brighter. So, what makes Chandler Bats so unique? has carried these wood bats for a couple of years, and here's what we've learned.

In 2010, David Chandler founded RxSport. He had spent years perfecting his woodworking techniques in the luxury furniture business, which is why Chandler bats are works of art. Their maple wood baseball bats are both stronger and higher-performing than anything else currently on the field.

David Chandler's time crafting luxury furniture also taught him the importance of details, which is why Chandler bats offer these fun facts:

  • Each bat is turned by hand, and not mass produced.
  • The maple used is extremely high density and virtually unbreakable.
  • The glossy finish is sprayed on, rather than hand-dipped.
  • Each bat is inspected 11 times to ensure quality; a one week process for each bat.
  • 16 individual sets of skilled hands play a role in each manufactured bat.

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There are two additional ways that Chandler bats have separated themselves from the pack:

The Gold Standard

Chandler bats are the gold standard for baseball bats. Some of the company's bat models carry a 22k gold label Chandler logo on the barrel. Additionally, each bat is ink-dot tested. Much like Nokona differentiates itself from other glove manufacturers by handcrafting each glove in Nocona, Texas, rather than outsourcing, Chandler has done the same. Each bat has a rubber band remaining on the knob as a reminder of the journey that maple or ash wood bat took.

Chandler Bat.jpg

Science And Engineering

Since their inception, Chandler has emphasized engineering that allows them to harness every ounce of density from a wooden log. The result has been distinctive power and durability. All Chandler bats are held to a tolerance of .008" in diameter and weights to 1/10th of an ounce. The company pushes to improve their processes and measurements to ensure a better bat each time.

Chandler Bats Wood Baseball Bats

Have you swung a Chandler bat?

Remember, if you ever have any Chandler bat related questions, our friendly Bat Experts are available. You may reach them via phone at 866-321-2287, email at, or  click here to live chat! Don't forget, we're here for you from click to hit! 

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