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7 Best Training Tools for Baseball and Softball

7 Best Training Tools for Baseball and Softball

"You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."

Baseball and softball are difficult sports to master. Your competition is always trying to improve. Enhancing your game takes patience, time, and dedication. Are you stressed out yet?

First of all, have fun. That's the most important thing, but--luckily--there are also helpful training tools that can help you achieve even more success on the ballfield. Here are the seven (7) best training tools to consider.

Smash Pro Sports Baseball Swing Analyzer

Smash Pro Sports was founded in 2017, and they've already mastered dynamic motion and swing analysis. With a user-friendly design, their Baseball Swing Analyzer has video tracking that captures HD video of your swing. This video syncs automatically with your swing metrics that provide feedback for improvement and consistency.

Smash Pro Sports.png

  • Comes with baseball sensor, silicon sensor attachment, and free app.
  • 3D swing capture shows swing plane virtually for instant feedback.
  • Analyzer attaches to the knob of virtually any regulation baseball bat or softball bat.
  • Helps increase confidence and batting averages.
  • Learn more about the Smash Pro Sports Baseball Swing Analyzer.
Easton Power Sensor Baseball / Softball Swing Analyzer

Make your practice more powerful with Easton's Power Sensor Baseball / Softball Swing Analyzer. This Power Sensor utilizes revolutionary technology to analyze a swing so players can learn to hit with more power. The metrics available for analysis include swing speed, time to contact, bat path, and Easton's own "Advanced Blast Factor" metric.

Eason power sensor.jpg

  • Ability to track and share data via social media.
  • Add unlimited bats, track all stats, and connect through "Game Center" to compete with friends.
  • Bat Grip attaches to any bat.
  • On-board memory stores up to 500 swings.
  • Learn more about the Easton Power Sensor Baseball / Softball Swing Analyzer.
Brett Bros. Maple Outfield Fungo Wood Baseball Bat (BBOFUNGO)

They're back and exclusively sold at Brett Bros bats. Their five-star rated fungo bat feels like you are swinging a bat that is a fraction of the weight of a normal bat and will give you extra distance even when you swing easy. Fungos have become a favorite among coaches for training purposes because of their durability and light weight. This one makes hitting ground balls fun(go).

Zepp 2 Baseball / Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE)

Zepp's previous swing tracking system was well-reviewed, but they just got even smarter. Trusted by Mike Trout, the Zepp 2 adds another 3-axis high-speed gyroscope to the Zepp 2's frame, so you can instantly receive analysis and evaluations geared to help you focus your training. The new Smart Coach Training System turns raw data into a personalized training program presented by MLB players and coaches.

Find out what the difference is between Diamond Kinetics and Zepp swing trackers.


  • Limited one year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Includes Zepp sensor, bat mount, and apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Improved accuracy, ease of use, and up to 2x battery life as the previous model.
  • Connects easily to mobile devices via Bluetooth LE.
  • Learn more about the Zepp 2 Baseball / Softball Swing Tracking System.
2017 AXE One Hand Trainer Composite Wood Baseball Bat (L106)

Only $49.99 and worth it to help enhance a player's hand-eye contact. The AXE revolutionary design is part of this one-hand training bat, which helps promote proper hitting position so you can dominate at the plate.

Axe One Hand Trainer.jpg

Bratt Bat Wood Training Youth Baseball Bat (BRATTBAT)

When Nokona partnered with Bratt Bat, the possibilities were endless. This training bat evenly distributes swing weight throughout the bat as opposed to just the end of the bat; which you get with a weighted doughnut. This bat will loosen your hitting muscles all while strengthening them too.

Bratt Bat.jpg

  • Can add more than 10 mph to swing speed.
  • Evenly distributes swing weight.
  • Perfect training tool for strength training.
  • Lexan plastic tube with a hard wood handle.
  • Learn more about the Bratt Bat Wood Training Youth Baseball Bat.
Easton Thunderstick Training Baseball Bat (T10 Adult)

The Thunderstick is a training bat that drastically helps improves hand-eye coordination and forces the hitter to make contact with the ball using a smaller bat. This helps the hitter develop better vision when keying in on the ball, and consequently being able to hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat.


  • One inch diameter barrel.
  • Cushioned grip and designed by Gino Pomilia.
  • Great for soft toss drills.
  • Strong alloy frame and 37 ounces in weight.
  • Learn more about the Easton Thunderstick Training Baseball Bat.

Have you used any of these training tools? Leave a comment below and tell us what helps you improve your game.

If you have any additional questions or requests on training bats or fungo bats or swing tracking devices, give our Bat Experts a call at (866) 321-2287, shoot them an email at, or click here to live chat! Remember, we're here for you from click to hit! 

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