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5 Youth Axe Bats for a Shortened Season

5 Youth Axe Bats for a Shortened Season

The youth baseball season, like everything, has been a little different this year. Many leagues have cancelled. Others have delayed. Some are still deciding.

But, increasingly, plans are being made to return kids safely to the field.

As your child resumes or prepares to resume play, here are five Axe Bats worthy of consideration for helping him or her get the most from a shortened season. All are in-stock and available now on



Why Axe Bat?

The first thing you notice when you pick up an Axe Bat is how it feels. The shape of the handle has been designed to fit your hand and to support the mechanics of your swing. Unlike the traditional round knob, which resists and hinders, the Axe Handle empowers – giving you a better grip that enables more barrel control, bat speed, and comfort.

In a recent study, players achieved higher exit velocities, more optimal launch angles, and harder hits, more often, when swinging the same bats with Axe Handles.

Read: Hitters Make Harder, More Optimal Contact When Swinging Axe Handle Bats

But it’s not just a youth phenomenon. More than 100 Big Leaguers have swung Axe Handle bats in games, including MVP Mookie Betts, who has used one exclusively since the 2016 season.

Like many have said, try it, it just feels right.

Now, on to the bats.




Axe Avenge Composite USABat (-10, 2-5/8”)

Model: L142H Sizes: 28”-32”


Axe Bat’s flagship Avenge series features all of the company’s newest and best technologies. The Avenge is the most balanced, fastest-swinging model in Axe Bat’s USABat lineup, and a great choice for players looking for maximum speed, power, and performance. The variable-layer, Charged Carbon barrel features a large sweet spot, and the two-piece construction is enhanced with Axe Bat’s Vibration Canceling System for a smooth, fast, and forgiving swing. Right now, the Avenge is selling for $50 off normal pricing, so it’s a great time to pick one up.



Key Features:

  • 2-piece composite construction
  • Variable-layer, Charged Carbon barrel (2-5/8”)
  • Vibration Canceling System with Endogrid handle technology
  • HyperWhip End Cap for speed and balance


Axe Avenge Composite USSSA (-10, 2-3/4”)

Model: L148H Sizes: 27”-31”




Like its USABat counterpart, the Avenge USSSA is Axe Bat’s best-in-category offering. This is an ideal bat for the travel circuit or the competitive player looking to gain every edge at the plate. Not only is the Avenge Axe Bat’s most balanced and fastest-swinging USSSA bat, it also has the largest 2-3/4” barrel made from variable-layer Charged Carbon with Tri-Flex technology. The Vibration Canceling System reduces vibration at three points on the handle for more confidence and comfort.



Key Features:

  • 2-piece composite construction
  • Variable-layer, Charged Carbon barrel (2-3/4”)
  • Vibration Canceling System with Endogrid handle technology
  • HyperWhip End Cap for speed and balance


Axe Elite One BBCOR (-3)

Model: L137H Sizes: 30”-34”



The BBCOR category is most commonly associated with high-school and college hitters, but increasingly there are great options here for middle-school players who are able to handle the heavier drop-3 standard. Axe Bat’s Elite One is the perfect example. It’s the company’s best one-piece alloy bat for BBCOR and features a variable-wall, MX8 Alloy barrel that’s hot out of the wrapper. The 30-inch model is a great choice for stronger hitters who are looking for a durable, high-performing power bat that’s going to prepare them for the next level.



Key Features:

  • 1-piece alloy construction
  • Variable-wall, MX8 Alloy barrel (2-5/8”)
  • Endogrid vibration-reducing handle technology
  • HyperWhip End Cap for speed and balance


Axe Avenge Tee Ball (-11, 2-1/4”)

Model: L166H Sizes: 24”-26”




Teaching your child the fundamentals of hitting is easier with an Axe Bat. The Youth Axe Handle on the Avenge Tee Ball Bat is made specifically for 4- to 6-year-olds and is designed to accommodate young hands. Your child will be able to feel his or her proper hand alignment and develop the type of consistent, repeatable swing path that leads to more contact, more hard hits, and a greater enjoyment of the game. The Avenge is the perfect choice for players new to the sport or just starting their baseball or softball journeys.



Key Features:

  • 1-piece alloy construction
  • Performance LP1 Alloy barrel (2-1/4”)
  • Youth Axe Handle
  • HyperWhip End Cap for speed and balance
  • Recommended for tee ball, or coach pitch with approved tee balls only


Axe Youth Hardwood (-5)

Model: L116F Sizes: 29”-31”


L116F-_Shot_2_2019-compressor (1)


Hitting with wood is an excellent way for young hitters to feel the quality of their contact. And with wood tournaments growing in popularity, being comfortable with a wood bat can be a big advantage on the field. Axe Bat’s Youth Hardwood offers a durable, laminate hardwood construction with a big-barrel profile and a cupped end for improved balance. You won’t find a better mix of value and performance for under $50.



Key Features:

  • Laminate hardwood construction
  • Drop-5 length-to-weight ratio
  • Big-barrel profile
  • Cupped end for balance



For more information, or to see more models from Axe Bat, click here, or visit

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