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5 Tips On How To Remove The Stink From Your Bat Bag

5 Tips On How To Remove The Stink From Your Bat Bag

Your bat bag has received a full year or more of use. Let's be honest, it smells like dirt, grass, and sweaty gear. JustBats can help eliminate the odor and have your bat bag smelling brand new. We have compiled a list of the top five tips that will help you remove the stink from any bat bag.

Before we start, empty your bag of all its contents. Once your bag is completely empty (including any cardboard bottom), you can get to cleaning. The five tips on how to remove the stink from your sports' bag or gym bag:

5.) Vacuuming and Fresh Air

Our first tip is obvious and the most common. A little vacuuming and fresh air never hurt. But, make sure to do a thorough job. Get your vacuum into each and every pocket and crease in your bag to eliminate all dirt, grass, and sweat. Then, once you’ve finished, leave the bag outside for at least 24 hours. Let that bag breathe!

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4.) Dryer Sheets / Tea Bags

This is more of a temporary fix than a permanent one. Pick a dryer sheet or a tea bag; not both. Place a couple of tea bags or dryer sheets in your bag and let them sit overnight or for a couple of days. Once the fresh scent fades and the items are no longer absorbing the bad smells, replace them with a new one.  

3.) Water With Soap

First off, it is not recommended to throw your sports bag into a washing machine. That may ruin your bag and, potentially, your washer too. Hand washing is the safest way to go. Be warned, you will need to really scrub and use a scented soap that you like. Not only will your bat bag no longer stink, but it will actually smell good when you’re done. A welcomed change!

2.) Antibacterial Wipes / Preventative Care

Always keep disinfectant wipes in your bat bag! You never know what might spill or end up in your bag to make a mess. Rather than wait until later, or completely forget about it, this allows you to clean up any dirt and grime right away. This tip doesn’t help remove the stink from your bat bag. Instead, it helps prevent it. Do this between washes to help kill any bacteria or germs, which tend to be the cause of bad odors.

1.) Wash Your Car

Wait, what? Our absolute favorite tip will help kill two birds with one stone. You can not only clean out your stinky bat bag, but you can get a car wash at the same time. Here’s how. Take your smelly bag, and your car, to your nearest self service car wash. Most, if not all, of these self service establishments will have car mat clips that are intended to hang up your floor mats. Once you’re done cleaning your car and your floor mats, you will be able to hang your bat bag from the same car mat clips. Hang the stinky bat bag up and treat it as if it were your car. If you do not have access to a self service car wash, then a clothesline with clothes pins will suffice.

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Disclaimer: some bat bags are beyond repair on the stinky scale and these tips may not work. If it has come to that point, it is best to start looking for a new bat bag. Or, you can follow JustBats on social media and keep an eye out for our next bat bag contest!

Also, if you ever have any additional questions, concerns, or requests, give our Pros a call at any time of the day at (866) 321-2287. We are always happy to help and are here for you from click to hit!

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