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3 Reasons To Watch FOX's "Pitch"

3 Reasons To Watch FOX's "Pitch"

Premiering Thursday, September 22 is FOX's new show Pitch. You may have seen previews during Major League Baseball's All-Star Game. FOX is taking a chance that viewers will emotionally connect to the fictional journey of MLB's first female baseball player.

While JustBats hasn't been granted a special screening, here are three reasons we'll be watching:

1. The Partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB)

Pitch will chronicle the story of pitcher Ginny Baker, who after a number of years in the San Diego Padres' farm system is called up as the Major's first female player. By partnering with MLB, the show will have access to actual venues, logos, and various other areas that will make scenes more realistic.

FOX carries MLB's World Series and the show will (no doubt) be heavily publicized during the Fall Classic. But, while viewers follow Ginny's journey, the partnership with MLB should minimize any thoughts of "this wouldn't happen in a real MLB game..."

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2. The Storyline of MLB's First Female Player

While many and most barriers have been broken in baseball, there has still never been a female player in MLB. Baseball is sure to play a major role, but seeing the (albeit fictional) things Ginny has to deal with--fan reactions, team dynamics, and media chaos--should be interesting.

The show looks to add other layers outside of PETCO Park with Ali Larter playing Ginny's publicist, Mark Consuelos playing the Padres' GM, Michael Beach playing her former ballplayer father, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as her catcher.

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3. Baseball > Football

And, finally, even if you're leery of the show's premise, it will be up against Thursday Night Football. Sure, Pitch is a fictional game, but it's still baseball. Nothing against football or its fans, but baseball is America's Pastime. So, count us in on this family-friendly, baseball ride.

What do you think? Will you be watching Pitch?

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