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2022 Mizuno Bats & Gloves

Mizuno has begun to release their top bats and gloves for the 2022 season. As more baseball bats, softball bats, baseball gloves, and softball gloves are launched, it can be challenging to understand the benefits of each. To help you shop for your 2022 Mizuno bats and gloves, we have taken it upon ourselves to break down the entire 2022 Mizuno lineup. This post will blend products available at JustBats and JustGloves into one central hub of 2022 Mizuno information. 

New 2022 Mizuno Bats

New Mizuno baseball bats and softball bats are rolling out with innovative features to help hitters worldwide. We will break down the new 2022 Mizuno bats and how their updated features will impact your game. New bats such as the PWR CRBN, Duality, and Finch models bring a fresh, unique feel to the 2022 lineup, while updates to previous popular bats like the Mizuno Hot Metal deliver a refreshing twist to a classic bat. Let’s get into the details and find out who should be swinging a brand-new Mizuno for the 2022 season. 

Mizuno Bat Releases

  • 2022 Mizuno PWR CRBN
  • 2022 Mizuno Hot Metal
  • 2022 Mizuno CRBN2
  • 2022 Mizuno Duality
  • 2022 PWR Alloy
  • Mizuno Titanium [Fastpitch Bat]
  • Mizuno CRBN1 [Fastpitch Bat]
  • 2022 Mizuno FINCH [Fastpitch Bat]

2022 Mizuno PWR CRBN BBCOR Baseball Bat (B22-PWR CRBN)

One of the most popular 2022 BBCOR baseball bats is the Mizuno PWR CRBN. It offers hitters a fully-composite, two-piece design that will only get hotter with time. The balanced swing weight and optimized barrel create a free-swinging bat that can be used by any style of hitter. Mizuno has specifically included their dual-frequency dampening technology to eliminate vibrations on contact, allowing hitters more freedom with each swing. 

Looking at the 2022 PWR CRBN for the first time, it’s hard not to be enamored with the size of the barrel. The PWR CRBN has one of the most enormous barrels in BBCOR --- a direct result of the Detonator Cor technology. However, it is more than just a big-barreled bat. The PWR CRBN offers increased swing speed, low barrel compression, and a booming sound on contact. It will be interesting to monitor the bat reviews as they roll in, but from the early feedback we’ve received so far, the PWR CRBN is one of the hottest 2022 bats in BBCOR.

Bat Assurance

2022 Mizuno Hot Metal Baseball Bat | BBCOR & USSSA

Available in (-3) (-5) (-10)

Back for another season, the Mizuno Hot Metal is a one-piece aluminum alloy bat available for BBCOR and USSSA baseball. For 2022, the Hot Metal is available in drop-3, drop-5, and drop-10 bat sizes and a new eye-catching colorway. 

Based on past results, the Hot Metal should offer one of the most prominent sweet spots among all 2022 one-piece alloy bats. Hitters can expect a stiff feel on contact and solid leverage throughout the swing path for additional power gains. The 2022 Hot Metal has thinner barrel walls for improved pop, but the durable alloy will sport ear-ringing acoustics (be wary when hitting indoors!) Overall, the 2022 Hot Metal lines up to offer USSSA, high school, and college baseball players one of the best baseball bats for the 2022 season.

2022 Mizuno CRBN2 USSSA Baseball Bat

Available in (-8) (-10) (-12)

For those of you in the market for a fully-composite USSSA baseball bat, the CRBN2 should be among the bats you consider. It sports an easy-to-swing balance alongside high-performance carbon composite materials. You can anticipate a flex feel on contact, with minimal vibrations and a hard-to-miss barrel. The CRBN2 will be one of the most popular 2022 youth bats. We recommend that younger, smaller hitters opt for the drop-12 size, while older, more experienced hitters try the drop-10 and drop-8 options. The CRBN2 does not come in a drop-5 size, making this a bat that will only be swung by players between 6 and 13 years old. 

2022 Mizuno FINCH -13 Fastpitch Softball Bat (FINCH13)

Mizuno’s latest fastpitch release is the 2022 Mizuno FINCH. Named after all-American softball player Jennie Finch, the FINCH -13 is a precisely crafted alloy softball bat for under $100. This is a softball bat explicitly built for smaller softball players. It is easy to control (balanced) and offers a wide sweet spot to improve player confidence. Looking at who should swing the FINCH, we recommend that younger players facing lower velocity pitches (like coach pitch, machine pitch, or early kid pitch) take advantage of this bat. Given the lightweight nature, using this bat against higher velocities or in the batting cages could cause damage to the bat. 

This is just another reason why you should shop for the 2022 Mizuno FINCH at JustBats! We are a licensed distributor of softball bats, meaning every fastpitch softball bat purchased through our site comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2022 Mizuno Duality -11 USA Baseball Bat (B22-DUALITY11)

Mizuno’s newest bat release for USA Baseball is the 2022 Duality. The Duality is only available in a drop-11 size and is a two-piece hybrid bat with an alloy barrel and a composite handle. The Hot Metal alloy barrel will arrive hot out of the wrapper, while the composite handle will work to dissipate negative vibrations from stinging your player’s hands. However, unlike most two-piece bats, the Duality will provide a powerful stiff feel on contact due to the Black Onyx build in the handle. The more stiffness a bat offers, the better leverage a hitter gets, and the further the ball will travel. The Duality is a new USA Bat for 2022 and should be considered by those shopping for a 6 - 10-year-old hitter looking for a USA Bat with pop. 

JB Loyalty

2022 Mizuno Gloves

The 2022 lineup of new Mizuno gloves is impressive. Headlined by a cast of MLB superstars like Fernando Tatis Jr., the Mizuno Pro Player gloves are among the best baseball gloves in the world. But this rollout of new gloves is more profound than just a couple of headline options. Ranging from premium leather gloves to affordable gloves for youth ballplayers, Mizuno has every ballplayer covered with their 2022 gloves. Let’s take a shot at reviewing the most popular 2022 gloves that will be released throughout the 2021 fall season.

Mizuno Glove Releases

  • Mizuno Pro Player Models
  • Mizuno Pro Selects
  • Mizuno Prime Elites
  • Mizuno Prime SE [Slow Pitch Gloves]
  • Mizuno MVP Primes
  • Mizuno Select 9s
  • Mizuno Techfire [Slow Pitch Gloves]
  • Mizuno Franchise Series
  • Mizuno Prospects

Mizuno Pro Select

The new Mizuno Pro Select gloves emphasize high-quality leather (U.S. Steerhide) and position-specific web designs. Pro Select gloves will be available for both infielders and outfielders in 2022, and each glove will be laced with genuine leather laces to ensure they retain their desired shape longer. The Pro Select gloves are not just for baseball though, fastpitch softball will have a full lineup of Pro Select gloves in 2022. Each fastpitch glove is designed to comfortably control a softball, while the wrist opening is explicitly tailored for the female athlete’s hand. 

One thing to keep in mind, the 2022 Pro Select gloves will require a more extended break-in period, so we recommend that you either order them a few weeks in advance to when you will need them. Another option to gain a head start on the break-in process is to add Trusted Glove Prep at checkout and let our Glove Experts prep your glove for success. 

Prime Elite

The 2022 Mizuno Prime Elite lineup will include both baseball gloves and softball gloves. The Prime Elites will be made with a softer mahogany leather to provide players with a high-level feel on every catch. The addition of an UltraSoft Pro Palm liner will serve to protect players’ hands while the newly designed pinky and thumb stalls reduce the overall weight of each glove. All Prime Elite gloves will utilize a pro pattern design, best suited for serious ballplayers. In summation, we recommend the Prime Elite to any baseball or softball player looking for a quality leather glove that will last multiple seasons without having to break the bank. 

Prime SE

The Mizuno Prime SE models are some of the most popular gloves for slow pitch softball. Available in 12.5”, 13”, and 14” glove sizes, the Mizuno Prime SEs have a fantastic new center pocket design to consistently catch every ball that comes your way. Couple that with Mizuno’s Bio Soft leather and Hell Flex technology, and it’s easy to see why so many players say the Prime SE is the top glove for softball. Given their high-quality, long-lasting durability and general popularity, a Mizuno Prime SE slow pitch softball glove would be an excellent gift for any slow pitch softball player. 

MVP Prime

Shopping for a brand-new baseball glove just got a whole lot easier with the release of the 2022 Mizuno MVP Primes. For years, players, coaches, and parents have raved about the quality of Mizuno’s best value gloves. Each MVP Prime takes advantage of the Bio Soft leather and center pocket design we spoke about in the Prime SE models above. Furthermore, the MVP Prime gloves blend softness with firm control to improve every catch. And given the price tag, there may not be a better value softball glove or baseball glove than a Mizuno MVP Prime.

Prospect Series

Nobody does youth gloves better than Mizuno. With multiple different Prospect designs such as the Prospect Select, Prospect Parashock, Prospect Powerclose, and Prospect Finch (softball glove), you can now freely shop for a new glove for your young ballplayer. Each glove model offers players slightly different benefits, but as we have found out over the past, you simply can’t go wrong with a Prospect. 2022 Mizuno Prospect youth gloves have full-grain leather shells to feel like an expensive glove without forcing smaller players to exert themselves each time they try to close their gloves. Prospects are easy, lightweight gloves perfect for any younger player learning to play the game.


If you are interested in learning more about the 2022 Mizuno bats and gloves, please contact our team of Experts. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have while shopping for baseball and softball equipment. 

We’re JustBats and JustGloves, and we’re with you from Click to Hit to Catch!

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