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2021 Meta Bat Review & Release Date

New Meta Bat Review

***We will continue to update this page as we learn more information about the 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta. Be sure to check back as we get closer to the release of Louisville Slugger's most anticipated bat.***

Harness your inner beast with the latest Louisville Slugger Meta release… Coming soon!



You’ve all patiently waited for the return of the Meta and it’s almost here. Loaded with the largest composite barrel in baseball, the Meta delivers performance like never before. We’re anticipating a huge buzz around the release but let’s take a deep look at the bat itself to help you determine if it truly is the right bat for the player in your life. Without further ado, the official JustBats’ Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta bat review.

When does the Meta release to the public?

The Louisville Slugger Meta is currently scheduled to release from JustBats to the public on October 14th, 2020. We are anticipating a high-demand on all sizes so we recommend that you mark your calendars and set a reminder to be sure you’ll have a chance to purchase a new Meta before we sellout. Also, every order placed through JustBats makes you eligible to receive free, fast shipping along with exclusive add-ons such as Personalization, Bat Assurance (30-days of risk-free hitting), and Lizard Skin Bat Grip + Professional Application!

Will the Louisville Slugger Meta be available for USSSA?

Yes!! There will be a Louisville Slugger Meta sporting a USSSA stamp of approval. The Meta will also have a BBCOR-certified option to go along with the (-10) (-8) & (-5) USSSA versions. The BBCOR version will range in lengths from 31” - 34” while the USSSA (-10) is anticipated to offer sizes as small as a 27” 17oz. option. As a result, almost any USSSA or BBCOR baseball player will have the opportunity to swing the latest Meta. 

How much does the new Meta cost?

The BBCOR version of the Meta will retail at $499.95 while the USSSA model will cost $349.95. It will, yet again, run as the most expensive bat on the market. While it has continued to be one of the highest-reviewed bats on the market for the past two years, whether or not that price point is worth it will be determined in the coming months. If you are looking for a way to try out the 2021 Meta, we’d recommend that you take advantage of the JustBats’ Bat Assurance Program.

What features will the bat have?

The latest Louisville Slugger Meta will continue to offer a massive composite barrel, an anti-vibration connection point, and a balanced swing weight. More notable bat features include:

  • Three-Piece Construction
  • EKO™ Composite Barrel
  • Premium GT1™ End Cap
  • Premium LS PRO Comfort Grip
  • Super-Stiff 3FX Connection System


Should I swing a Meta?

In theory, almost every player will benefit from swinging the 2021 Meta from Louisville Slugger. Is this practical? After all, this is a steep price point so let's make sure it’s right for YOU. 

We’ve gotta talk about some of the “potential” cons here. The composite nature of the Meta makes it a bad candidate for usage in cold weather because it will be susceptible to cracking. It also will tote a balanced swing weight along with a multi-piece construction. This means you won’t get as much energy transfer on contact compared to that of a one-piece aluminum alloy model. All that being said, the same factors have been true about the Meta (and the DeMarini CF’s, the Louisville Slugger Prime’s, etc.) over the past few years and nobody has ever complained.

The pro’s of the Meta are easy to see. It has a gigantic barrel with a hard-to-miss sweet spot. The balanced swing weight makes it approachable by smaller, weaker hitters while still sporting enough POP from the EKO composite to make it right for middle-of-the-order hitters as well. There are essentially no vibrations on contact and the barrel should only take about 200 hits before it’s fully broken-in. 

We would comfortably say that any hitter that hasn’t fully maxed out their power potential to the point of needing an end-loaded, one-piece bat, would benefit from hitting the 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta. 



We will continue to update this page as more information is released about the most anticipated bat release in 2021. Once we get our hands on one, Tyler and Logan will provide a full video bat review of the Meta. Make sure to continue checking back here as we get closer to the October 14th bat launch of the Louisville Slugger Meta!

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