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10+ Best Blogs About Baseball To Follow In 2023

best baseball blogs

You love baseball. No, you really, really, really love baseball.

Whether it's the offseason, the regular season, the playoffs, or you just like to read about your favorite sport, you just can't get enough. Okay, okay, we get it. We're the same way. At JustBats, we're surrounded by baseball bats every single day, so we're fortunate to be reminded of the great game. But, if you're not so fortunate, here are 15 baseball blogs that help us stay in tune with America's pastime no matter the time of year.

There is no particular order to this list.

From coast-to-coast, MLB Trade Rumors serves as a clearinghouse for all legitimate Major League baseball trade rumors, activity, and free agent news. All the rumors come from established journalists and the site's own writers. Additionally, all 30 MLB teams are covered. The blog was created in 2005 and is even a favorite read of Washington Nationals pitcher, Max Scherzer.

Joe Posnanski's Blog

A New York Times best-selling author, current National Columnist for NBC Sports, and winner of too many national sportswriter awards to count, Joe Posnanski literally has the Baseball Bloggers Alliance's writer of the year award named after him. His blog posts range from the touching (do you know about Buck O'Neil?) to poignant (like Cleveland sports?) to the brillant (modern relievers). If you're looking for the joys of the game captured in written form, then you'll enjoyJoe's blog.

Bat Digest

Admittedly, we love baseball bats. It's in our genes. If you love baseball bat reviews (remember, we have reviews too) this blog's mission is to give objective information on baseball, softball, and fastpitch bats. The site's writers hit, use, and review the bats honestly and provide candid information.

MLB Blogs

The official blogging community of Major League Baseball. That's all you need to know, right? This online blog community provides the best blog tools for each MLB team and crowdsources content from fans, players, front office members, media, and more. As the blog is backed by MLB, you can trust the sources and content made available.

Big League Stew (Yahoo! Sports)

You get Hot Stove news, zany bits from the Minor Leagues, MLB insight, and timely items like this one about the Pope. Backed by one of the most powerful search engines, Big League Stew provides 3-5 daily blog posts per day. The posts are short, but are usually filled with entertaining nuggets that you can't find anywhere else. Blog

A little self-serving, right? But, hey, we have insider information into baseball bats, softball bats, glove insight from, and--of course--we venture into thought leadership items like Baseball Terms, Bat Reviews, Baseball Books, and Baseball Unwritten Rules. Plus, we like to run contests and giveaways, because we spoil our fans.

Personalize your baseball bat or softball bat. Custom bat knob.

Ken Rosenthal's Blog

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Emmy Award-winning sports personality, has been an insider for MLB on Fox and MLB Network. But, when he's not donning bow ties on the baseball sidelines, Rosenthal pens delightful articles regarding things he's heard, seen, and thinks. Know the story of Anthony Rizzo's World Series' bat? Ken does.

Baseball Musings

Simple and easy to read. Quite simply, David Pinto grew up a baseball fan. He joined STATS in 1990 as their liason to ESPN, where he worked 10 years as the Chief Researcher for Baseball Tonight. In 2001, he created Baseball Musings. The information isn't just surface level; it's a fan's perspective on big stories, trades, and baseball.

Beyond the Box Score

Loaded with an army of writers, Beyond the Box Score had humble beginnings but is now operated by SB Nation. This blog goes in-depth and offers commentary on things like how a trade impacts the trading teams, award breakdowns, and sabermetric pieces that give a nod to their blog name.

Life in the Fastpitch Lane

If you love baseball, you probably enjoy softball too. And Ken Krause is the owner and lead instructor of Softball Success. He's coached Fastpitch Softball for nearly 20 years and his candid articles show that. If you love softball, then Life in the Fastpitch Lane is a great read. But, even baseball fans will enjoy the material, such as One Way To Avoid Re-Injuring A Knee.


Yes, Deadspin covers all sports. But, if you're looking for a blog that's more zany than numbers, then here you go. Need to know why Johnny Cueto always keeps his shirt on in the pool or commentary on Arizona Diamondback uniforms? Deadspin has you covered. Please be warned, the site does use inappropriate language at times.


Do you like lists? Rumors? Gossip? Humor? Sometimes you need to escape and YardBarker is like reading a People magazine. The site has relationship with and curates content from hundreds of independently owned and operated publishers and local beat writers. So, lots of content all in one area. You're sure to find a post you like, such as 10 Takeaways From 2016 MLB Season

Perfect Game Blog

Articles about professional players are nice, but you're looking for something about the players who haven't made it yet? Perfect Game provides scout blogs for all the major showcases around the world. So, if you're looking for information and articles on the rising stars, then Perfect Game Scout Blogs is up your alley.

What Pros Wear

What glove does Francisco Lindor use? Where did I see that Jose Altuve baseball bat? What Pros Wear gives you a one-stop shop to find out what companies the Pros are wearing. Founder Mike Carozza is a former player who grew up emulating his heroes. Now, from player profiles to updates on equipment, Carozza pours his heart into this blog.

Which baseball blogs do you read? What sites can you not live without?

Let us know by leaving a comment. We're always open to new reading material about the best sport. In the meantime, if you have any baseball bat or softball bat questions, please give our Bat Experts a call at (866) 321-BATS (2287). We're available to help you from click to hit.

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