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One Hand and Weighted Training Bats


Training Bats are intended to enhance and improve your baseball or softball game. These bats have a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Training bats include one-hand trainer bats and weighted bats. These bats should only be used to better your game at home or on the practice field and not against live pitching.

One-Hand Training Bats are short bats between 18 and 22 inches in length that are used to improve hand-eye coordination and build muscle memory and strength in either hand. One Hand Trainers should only be used for tee and soft toss drills.

Weighted Bats are just what they sound like; a bat with extra weight used for strength training and to increase bat speed. Many times, the length of these bats will be equivalent to a regular bat, but they will be much heavier. These bats are to be used to take dry swings during warm-ups to build muscle memory.

Use our Training Bat Resource Guide to get up-to-date on the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Training Bats. For more help selecting a Training Bat, visit our Training Bat Reviews

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