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Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBMC: Image #329747
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  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play

  • Free Shipping!

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Two-Piece Hybrid Design

  • Bi-Fusion Composite Handle For 2x More Flex

  • Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) Technology

  • Ph.D Technology (Passive Hybrid Damping)

  • Exceptional Balance and Feel

  • Designed to Increase Swing Speed


Brand new to the field this season, the Rawlings Machine BBCOR utilizes the help of four technologies all designed with one goal in mind: to increase player swing speed with exceptional balance and feel! This starts with Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) Technology that results in championship caliber swing velocity and balance. This is accomplished through isolating the added weight to a smaller region on the barrel than any other competing bat, which translates into a lower swing weight. Then, the maximum rebound zone is surrounded by thin walls that create additional flex and a larger, more reactive sweet spot. The barrel on the Machine is made from Rawlings durable 5150 Alloy. Using their proprietary Bi-Fusion Technology, the barrel is joined to an Exogrid composite sleeve that functions as the handle as it tapers down. This creates 2x more handle flex than the traditional 5150 one-piece alloy bats. Ph.D. Technology is then used inside the Exogrid handle to dampen vibration and improve the feel of the bat. If exceptional feel matters to you, get your hands on Rawlings new Machine BBCOR! Rawlings: Performance Where It Matters Most on the Field! The Machine is BBCOR Certified. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!


Average Ratings Based on 14 Customer Reviews

4.9285714285714288 Stars:Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This bat rocks! Excellent balance and MOI - swings like a much lighter bat. Excellent pop - Rawlings is using new proprietary technology to give you maximum impact reaction. Break it in (use a sleeve and hit each BP baseball with a quarter turn - about 100 balls) and it absolutely won't disappoint. Decent sweet spot. This is a new bat & design so you won't find much info about it anywhere but it's probably the best BBCOR on the market. We tried many 2012's and expense wasn't a problem (play travel and varsity h.s. so a good stick is crucial). You're going to start seeing a lot of guys hit with this stick.

Cons: Same as with any other good bat - it's a lot of dough but you get what you pay for. Also, for me, one of the critical aspects is swing speed through the ball. Some guys may like a bat that swings heavy and this bat doesn't.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Just tried every demarini, easton, marucci, nike, and rawlings bats out yesterday. This bat was the best!! With the 5150 velo and 5150 in a close second place. This bat just flat out does work, for a power hitter that hit's a lot of line, drives, sharp, singles, and gappers, this bat was a dream. The graphics on the bat are also great. It would be a disservice to your on-field preformance if you were not to buy this bat.

Cons: Price is a little bit steep, but I got a great deal on it

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Steve M

Pros: Great Balance. Because the weight is nearer to the handle, it allows for great bat speed. This can make up for some of the lack of pop that any BBCOR always has. My player is getting good distance with this bat. Also has nice graphics.

Cons: None with the bat itself, but it is expensive.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: goodpop incredable


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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This bat is great! It is one of the few equally balanced bbcor bats on the market. This has amazing pop. You need to hit about 200 balls either in soft toss or in the cage before you take into live hitting. When you hit the 200 balls it its awesome.

Cons: Absolutely none!

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: More pop than any BBCOR bat that i've used. Finally found a live one.

Cons: The grip seems a little cheap. Not a big deal, I like to customize the grip anyway.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: great balance good sweet spot

Cons: none

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Awesome bat. Before BBCOR rules I was always a demarini person but i tried this bat and couldnt keep my hands off. The best quality of this bat is how evenly balanced it is, which is something that not many BBCOR bats have. The pop is awesome, too. I could hardly tell the difference in pop from my old bat when i square one up. It definitely doesnt feel dead like other BBCORs. I would definitely recommend over any other bat so far.

Cons: Playing high school and travel ball can get really expensive, so my parents weren't ecstatic about paying for this, however whether or not you can get a discount on this bat, it is worth it.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Im so speechless about this bat that the least I can so is this bat is BO$$. Everything about it is awesome.

Cons: A bit pricey, but definitely worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This bat is awesome!!! I swung it at a Scheels store and the 32" felt lighter than my 31"/28 oz easton typhoon! i haven't hit with it yet, but i will review it again after i do.

Cons: 199.99 is kinda expensive but the balance on this bat is worth paying for!

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4 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: this is a great bat. one of my friends bought it last year and i fell in love and bought one for myself. tons of pop and little sting.

Cons: my friend and i both have had the end cap of our bats crack off. My bat was used in three practices and one game before this happened. a bit disapointed with that.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Ive been using this bat for summerball and it is a great bat, a ton of pop more then you would expect out of a BBCOR. I used a different bat during highshool and dident hit as good.

Cons: A little expensive but worth it

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: So glad I got this bat! best bat ive ever had. great pop and balance. Don't find bats much better than this. If you hate top heavy bat like me then this is perfect. I've had mine for a year and once I want to go to a longer bat, I'm buying this again.

Cons: Price isn't the best but so worth it, I got a good deal on it so try to find one. When I got it it with 299, now its 199 so its not that bad anymore.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
good Joe Mama player

Pros: Double the flex double the distance, really good but still think that the mainly red 5150 is better than this and all other bats.

Cons: Takes a little bit to get used to...

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBMC? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

whats the difference between the machine and the 5150? me
The Machine is a two-piece bat with a composite handle and alloy barrel. The 5150 is a one-piece bat that is all alloy. The Machine will have more flex than the 5150 as it is a two-piece bat.
Is the machine end-loaded or is most of the weight at the handle of the bat? baseballboy
This bat is more balanced so the weight is more toward the handle.
I am torn between the Rawlings Machine and the 5150 Velo. Besides the difference that one is a 1 piece bat and the other a 2 piece bat, how do they compare? My son is a contact hitter. When did the Rawlings Machine get released? Pat
The Machine has been out for only a couple months now. The Velo, slightly longer. If your son is a contact hitter, it really depends on his preference. The one piece, Velo, is a stiffer flex and is very nicely balanced. The Machine has a little more flex, and has the composite handle and the alloy barrel, and is also very nicely balanced. Both have awesome pop!
How does this bat differ than the marucci black & which one is a better option? rey
We haven't had a lot of feedback on the Machine. The Marucci Black does have a longer barrel, but both are excellent choices.
what bat would be better this one or the anderson nanotek bbcor? baseballer
It will really depend on what kind of hitter you are. Two piece bats like the Machine are usually better suited for contact hitters. Power hitters usually prefer one piece bats like the Nanotek.
Will this bat feel heavier than the Velo since it is slightly shorter? Where is the weight located? Pat
This bat is designed for balance and control, so the weight is going to be evenly distributed.
What is the barrel size on this bat? And how does it compare to the Easton s1 and xl1 bats? Hitter
This bat is going to have a 2 5/8" barrel, it should be a balanced feel similar to the S1
What is different between this bat and the rip-it prototype 2? Balls
The PROB2 is a one piece alloy construction. The Machine is a two piece hybrid, with a composite handle and an alloy barrel.
We are interested in either the VELO or the Machine. Because all the other kids on the team will want to use this bat, which bat would have the longest life expectancy (a one-piece vs a two-piece)? Chris
I would lean towards one-piece if this will be a team bat. It should be a little more durable.
Is this bat approved for 13 y/o Babe Ruth league? Jackson
The BBMC is approved for Babe Ruth League.
Is this bat end loaded? Dalton
No, the Rawlings Machine BBCOR is a balanced bat.
Derek H.
Does this bat require a break-in period? Dalton
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR has an alloy barrel and will not require a break-in period.
I am looking for a bat that has pop in it because I want to get a little more on the ball so it could go farther. I am a base hitter and hit them in gaps so if this has pop please message back. contact
This is a two-piece bat with good flex and swing speed so it will definitely be good for a contact hitter. As far as pop it will be comparable with other alloy barrel bats.
When are you coming in with the 32" 29 oz. model? Vinny
Unfortunately, we are out of stock in the 32" 29 oz. Rawlings Machine BBCOR. This model has been discontinued, so we won't be getting any more.
How does this bat compare to the 5150? What about the 2013 Plasma? ProBallPlayer
The Rawlings Machine is a hybrid design so it has a composite handle and an aluminum barrel, whereas the Rawlings Plasma and 5150 are one-piece fully aluminum designs.
Is this bat available in 32inch 29oz? D.P.
We only show the sizes that are currently in stock and ready to ship. If you do not see your size listed, then that means it is out of stock.
Do you know why this bat was discontinued for 2013? Is it being replaced by anything? HelmetHead
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR was discontinued by Rawlings. It is not being replaced with a new model. The 2013 Rawlings 5150 and Velo are available.
Which one will be more balanced the Rip-It Prototype Air, or Rawlings machine? Kent
Both are well balanced, but the Prototype Air will slightly more balanced.
Why was it discontinued? doss
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR: BBMC Adult is an older model bat. That is why our stock may be discontinued.
Is this bat durable? TE201606
We have had no reported durability issues with the Rawlings Machine. If something were to happen to your bat, it does have a year manufacturer warranty through Rawlings.
What bat in your opinion is better between this and the Louisville Slugger Vertex BBCOR. What are the differences? edward
I would go with the Rawlings Machine BBCOR: BBMC Adult bat. Both bats are created with composite handles and alloy barrels. The machine featurers Rawlings pOp technology. This technology is accomplished through isolating the added weight to a smaller region on the barrel than any other competing bat, which translates into a lower swing weight. Then, the maximum rebound zone is surrounded by thin walls that create additional flex and a larger, more reactive sweet spot. Both bats would be solid choices, but I would go with the Rawlings Machine.
I need to re grip my 2012 Machine bat. Do you sell the exact same grip tape? If not what grip tape would be the most similar? Bryce
Unfortunately we do not sell grip tape. You can purchase grip tape at your local sporting goods store.
Was this bat released in 2013, and if not, is it anywhere near as good as a 2013 BBCOR? cherber35
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR: BBMC Adult was released in 2012. It is very comparable to some of the 2013 BBCOR models.
I have a son in high school that has been an Easton user for years. He is a solid gap and contact hitter with long balls every now and then. We have heard great things about the Machine and VELO. We have seen both the Machine -3 and the VELO -3 in action by the competition. He is looking for a bat that has a lighter feel so that he can generate more bat speed and get more long balls. What do you recommend between the Machine and VELO? NS
Out of the Rawlings Machine and the Rawlings VELO the VELO will be the way to go for balance. Both are going to have a balanced feel to them, but the VELO will be noticeably more balanced.
What year was this made in? beast
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR: BBMC Adult was released in the fall of 2011.
How long does it take to break-in this bat? Kei
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat (BBMC) requires about 150-200 swings. You will want to perform these swings off a tee while rotating the barrel.
Is the Rawlings Machine BBCOR comparable to the 2015 Rawlings 5150 and does it comply with current BBCOR high school requirements? Spring15
The Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat (BBMC) was a two-piece hybrid design (alloy barrel with composite handle) while the Rawlings 5150 is going to be a one-piece all alloy bat. With that being said the 5150 does have a composite end cap to keep the bat balanced and it is BBCOR certified for high school play
Show all 27 Questions and Answers about the Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBMC

About the Brand

Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball, and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL, and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic, and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball.

The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all over the country." The Sure Catch was a one-piece glove with sewn-in finger channels and looked better suited for a duck's foot than a man's hand. Catchers' mitts used at the time were large and bulky with a single leather thong passing for a web.

In 1920, Bill Doak, a journeyman pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, approached Rawlings with an idea for improving the baseball glove from a mere protective device to a genuine aid in fielding. The "Bill Doak" model was so revolutionary that it stayed in Rawlings' line until 1953. Its key feature was a multi-thong web laced into the first finger and thumb, which created for the first time in baseball's young life, a natural pocket.

In 1925, Rawlings unveiled a three-fingered fielder's glove, and ten years later improved the Bill Doak model with a two-piece leather web. At the same time, the "T" web became a rage for first basemen's mitts. The pocket underwent a pronounced change in 1941 when the Trapper Mitt, also known as the Claw, appeared. The "Deep Well" pocket was so unique that Rawlings quickly patented it. The design was improved in 1950 by adding a leather piece across the top. Another significant creation occurred in 1948 with the three-fingered Playmaker. A five-fingered fielder's model, with all fingers laced together, provided greater pocket control.

The six-fingered Trap-Eze evolved in the 1960's. In more recent years, Rawlings produced the Fastback design, which gives a glove a snugger fit, greater extension, and overall control. The Holdster is a slot through which a finger can be extended for additional protection from impacts on the pocket. Then, there is the Edge-U-Cated Heel with its extended U-shaped lacing and the Pro H Web and much-copied Basket Web.

Some of Rawlings's more recent glove innovations also include the unique Spin-Stopper design which reduces ball spin when the ball hits the glove, and the Cantilever glove design feature that provides a cushioned area between the hand and the glove's palm area. In all, Rawlings has produced and patented more functionally innovative glove features and designs than that of any other glove manufacturer. The result is that the modern baseball glove is much larger, more comfortable, better padded, and made to last far longer than its ancestors. It is not uncommon to see today's Major League players wearing the same Rawlings glove they wore during their college playing days. In fact, Rawlings is the #1 glove in the major leagues. Rawlings maintains about 65 models of baseball and softball mitts and gloves in its line. The prototypes of virtually all of them have been field-tested by professionals before entering a sporting goods dealer's inventory.

Bat Properties

Rawlings Machine BBCOR Baseball Bat: BBMC
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats BBCOR
Bat Type Baseball
Deals Closeout Bats Bundle and Save
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Half and Half
Vendor Rawlings
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4.9 Star Rating, Google Customer Reviews