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Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329096
Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329092
Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329093
Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329094
Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329095
Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329096 Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329092 Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329093 Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329094 Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28: Image #329095 XL Series: Senior League: Video #3146 Power Brigade : Video #3161
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  • -8 Length to Weight Ratio

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012

  • Free Shipping!

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Carbon Nanotube Technology (CNT)

  • Two-Piece Hybrid Design

  • IMX Composite Handle/THT100 Aluminum Barrel

  • Extended Barrel Design


  • Patented ConneXion Technology Reduces Vibration

Easton truly believes that every player should have the opportunity to hit for power. However, the road to power hitting is different for every player. Some players need extra bat speed to reach their full power potential, while others need more weight and a bigger barrel. That's why Easton is changing the game this season and taking an approach to bats that no other manufacturer has ever tried before. Introducing the POWER Brigade; Two series, one distinct result. Whether you prefer the fast swinging Speed Series or the heavier extended barrel XL Series, POWER will be your outcome. Forget flashy designs and gimmicky names, these bats produce RESULTS. The Speed Series (S1, S2, S3) features the lowest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) on the market to create light swing weights and generate more power. On the other side of the spectrum, the XL Series (XL1, XL2, XL3) features extra long barrels designed to give players expanded hitting zones and more mass in the barrel, generating more power in every swing. Easton really does strive to fulfill the preferences of any type of player as both series come in two-piece IMX Composite designs (S1 and XL1), two-piece IMX Composite/THT100 Aluminum hybrid designs (S2 and XL2), and one-piece THT100 Aluminum designs (S3 and XL3). As for the materials, Easton's patented IMX Composite has proven to be one of the highest performing materials in the game year after year, while THT100 Aluminum provides superior dent and crack resistance. Throw in an array of additional world-class Easton technology and you have a new line of bats that is second to none. Easton: We Believe In Power! This bat features the USSSA 1.15 stamp and is approved for play in and beyond. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating

Pros: big barrel, great pop, loose on the ends, cool graphics, and last but not least easy to swing

Cons: no cons

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Overall Rating

Pros: Excellent bat!!

Cons: none yet!

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Overall Rating
b-ball dad

Pros: great bat. amazing pop, easy swing, large barrel. graphics are pretty sharp too...

Cons: its white, so it picks up dirt, but who cares when it performs this good.

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Overall Rating

Pros: good bat light through the zone. hit my first 300 ft homer this weekend

Cons: ?

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Overall Rating


Cons: NONE

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Overall Rating

Pros: very easy swing hit 10 300ft homeruns awsome bat best bat i have ever had!!!!!

Cons: bat gets dirty easy but it is still beast

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Overall Rating

Pros: hits great

Cons: dented in a week

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Overall Rating
Evan Simons

Pros: amazing pop, great grip, huge sweet spot, and great colors!

Cons: nothing

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Overall Rating

Pros: hit 320 ft jack and im 11

Cons: none

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Overall Rating
Bob York

Pros: It has a GIGANTIC sweet spot and tons and tons of pop. Feels incredibly light through the zone and the ball goes far even off the end of the bat. I got the most extra base hits ever with this bat.

Cons: None

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Overall Rating


Cons: None.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Bat has good pop and my 12 year old son loves it.

Cons: The bat broke after 3 months but i am returning it and easton is sending a new one

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Overall Rating

Pros: Has great power. Hit a 202 ft. homerun without a big barrel. I can't wait to try it in try outs.I'm excited.

Cons: None.

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Overall Rating

Pros: the best bat ever

Cons: this bat is awesome you should get it really

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Have a question about the Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Will this be a better bat for my 9yr old than the xl3? He is a power hitter and can spray the ball everywhere, just wandering about the flex he will get out of this compared to xl3?
Generally power hitters prefer 1 piece bats, as they like less flex. The xl2 is a 1 piece.
i am generally a contact hitter, constantly hitting singles and the occasional double, if I want more power, should I use this bat or the s2. I am 13 years old
I think this one would best suit you.
The S2 would be designed for your style of hitting. This design will transition the speed of your swing into power.
Im a contact hitter usually. Looking for more power. Should i get this the, the S3 or the S2
If you are looking at generating more power I would look at going with the XL2
Will this becoming out in any other different sizes or just the 21-29? Looking for a 30-25.
The XL2 will not be available in a -5. Only the XL1 and XL3 will be available in a -5.
my son is 12, he ia hitting the tpx vertex 31in. -9.5. he likes the feel of this bat and hits for power with it. whitch of the power brigade bats would be best for him.
This bat does have a slight end loaded feel but also has very good pop and a huge sweet spot. If he doesn't like a slight end loaded bat I would suggest looking at the Speed Series.
I want to know which bat would be better for a 5'4'' 125 pound 11 year old who tends to drag bat through the strike zone and has trouble with contact...but smacks the ball when he does? Thanks
I would go with either this one, the XL2, or possibly the Easton S2: SL11S210 Senior League. The S2 has a low MOI so it really helps with bat speed.
IS this bat's shape more like the Easton OMEN or the Rival?
This bat is replacing the Easton Surge because it has the composite handle and alloy barrel.
My son (6 foot, 12 years old, 180 pounds) used the 2011 CF4 last year, but needs a new bat with the USSSA stamp. Would you recomend this bat over the 2012 Voodoo? He hits around 10 homeruns a season and wants the bat with the most pop. Thanks
This bat is built for kids who are trying to gain more power. This bat is going to have more barrel mass and have more of a endload feel to it. This would be the bat he would want to keep driving the ball for more power
I'm a leadoff hitter always looking for the most pop possible. Should I buy this bat or the S2 bat?
If you are looking for the most pop, go with the XL2.
Is this bat end loaded?
Muffin man
This bat is slightly weighted towards the end of the bat. Nothing the Muffin man couldn't handle.
Is this the best Easton big barrel bat u can get for a 14 year old ???
According to Easton, the S1 and XL1 are their top of the line bats.
Is this bat approved for Little League Junior league play? 13 yr and above? All I can see on their website is they have to be non-composite barrel. Want to be sure before purchasing from you.
The Xl2 is approved for Little League Junior League play.
Would this bat be legal in Babe Ruth 13 year old league?
Yes, this bat will be legal. All alloy barrel and composite handles or all alloy bats are allowed. Only composite barrel bats must be BBCOR. This bat has an alloy barrel and composite handle making it a legal bat for Babe Ruth leagues.
Is this bat a balanced bat or end loaded?
This bat has an extended barrel, which gives it an end loaded feel. If you are looking for a more balanced bat, I would suggest checking out the S2.
My brother used the -9 Rival last year. He's a gap hitter with a surprising amount of pop. He uses the Marucci CAT 5 right now. Do you think this bat would be better for his style of hitting?
If your brother is more of a gap hitter, the Easton XL2 would be a great bat for him. The two piece design of this bat will help create a whip like effect that most gap/contact hitters like. One piece bats, like the Rival and the CAT 5, are typically better suited for power hitters.
what is the difference between the xl1 and xl2 other than price?
The Easton XL1: SL11X15 Senior League is a two piece full composite, and the Easton XL2: SL11X28 Senior League is a two piece hybrid design. That means it has a composite handle and an alloy barrel.
I'm 5'2 usually bat fith in the lineup and am a contact hitter. What bat would be good for me? It needs to be a -8 and the barrel can't be bigger than 2 5/8?
The Easton XL2 maybe a good fit for a contact hitter like yourself. The extended barrel design could possibly give you an edge that you are looking for.
My son is a big seven year old that is 87 lbs, is a power hitter and has average bat speed. What Easton bat would work for him? He is using a 29\21oz COMbat right now.
big hoss
The Easton XL2 will have an end loaded feel compared to the COMBAT, perfect for a power hitter with good bat speed.
How cold can it be to use the XL2?
We recommend limiting how much you use the XL2 when it's colder than 55 degrees outside.
Is this legal in Babe Ruth 13-15 division?
According to the rules for this league, as long as a bat is all alloy or has an alloy barrel it can be any size. Since the XL2 has an alloy barrel, it is legal for use in Babe Ruth 13-15 year old leagues.
What is the diffrence bettwen the XL1 and the XL2?
The Easton XL1 has a composite barrel and a composite handle. The Easton XL2 has an alloy barrel and a composite handle.
Is this legal in Juniors?
The Easton XL2 is in fact legal for play in Juniors Leagues. Since it doesn't have a composite barrel it can be any drop and is not required to be BBCOR certified.
Are returns excepted with this bat?
We can take a bat back as long as it is new and unused. If the bat has been used, it would fall under the manufacturer's warranty, and you would have to contact Easton at 1-888-259-1297.
We have noticed the rubber piece between the composite handle and barrel has come loose on my son's Easton bat. I have compared it to other teamates Easton bat's and theirs is still tightly attached. Have you heard of this issue from other customers? -Jeremy
We have heard this issue with some of the Easton bats. However, this issue will not change the performance of the Easton XL2.
I looked at many different websites and found that this bat has to be BBCOR. Is that true because it has an aluminum barrel?
The BBCOR certification is required for use in high school and college. If your league requires a BBCOR bat the Easton XL2:SL1X28 Senior League would not be legal even though it has an aluminum barrel. We recommend to check with your local league for exact requirements.
My son loves this bat and he wants this bat in a drop 5. Do you know if Easton is making a drop 5 for this bat?
No. The Easton XL2 Senior League is not available in a drop 5 and Easton does plan to release one in the fall.
Is there an advantage to having a composite handle and alloy barrel rather than a fully alloy bat?
The main advantage to two-piece bats like the Easton XL2 is that they tend to reduce vibration more than one-piece bats do.
Does this bat feel heavier than its listed weight?
The Easton XL2 is designed to be slightly end loaded which is a preferred feel by power hitters.
I like the s2 bat because I want a bat the generates good bat speed, but I want a minus 8 weight length ratio,and the s2 only comes in minus 10 and minus 3. Would this bat be good for me even though it is end loaded?
If you have above average strength and swing speed, the XL2 would be a good choice because of it's endloaded feel. If you don't have good strength and swing speed, another -8 bat with a very balanced swing weight is the Marucci Black MSB11.
Out of the XL series/Power Brigade, what is the most top heavy? XL1, XL2, or the XL3?
The Easton XL1, XL2, and XL3 all have the same weight distribution, so will be evenly end loaded. Here is a link to compare the 3 models.
Do you guys have a 30in. 22oz or 31in. 23oz?
The Easton XL2 is discontinued. We will not receive more inventory.
What will replace the XL2 and when will it be available? I like the XL2 Senior, but need a 30in bat.
The 2013 XL2 will replace the 2012 XL2. It will be available mid-November.
When will you have this bat in a -5?
Easton does not manufacturer the XL2 in a -5, only the XL1 and XL3 come in a -5.
Will you ever get this bat in a 30" or ever have it in a -10 30"?
The Easton XL2: SL11X28 is a discontinued model and we will not be receiving any more sizes. The XL2 is not and will not be produced in a -10. The new XL2 will hit the market around November 15th.
I am a contact hitter, i have been using a easton rival -10 29" and its to small for me i dont have the fastest swing but i drive the ball what series would you reccomend the xl series or s series? thank you
If you don't have well above average swing speed, the S Series would be recommend as they are more balanced with lighter swing weights.
will they make this bat into a drop 5 ?
Unfortunately, Easton will not be producing the XL2 in a -5.
My son swung the Surge -10 30" this season. I'm looking at moving him to a -8 31" for next season. How does this bat compare to the Surge?
Dad & Coach
The XL2 is the bat model that replaced the Surge. So the dynamics of the bat are going to be similar, with the 2-piece construction of a composite handle and a alloy barrel. The XL2 does have a little more of an extended barrel length. Here is the link to view more details on the XL2.
Do you have any Easton XL2 big barrel or any big barrel bats in 29" - 19oz available?
Unfortunately, the XL2 is not produced in a -10 big barrel model.
How does this bat compare to the 2012 DeMarini CF5?
The Easton XL2 has is a two-piece bat with a composite handle and alloy barrel. It is end loaded to benefit a power hitter. The DeMarini CF5 is also a two-piece but has a composite barrel. The CF5 is more balanced than the XL2 and the composite barrel will get hotter after broken in.
My son is accustomed to a one piece Easton Rival...30in 20oz. I was contemplating this Easton series or the 2013 XL3. He's 4ft. 10 90lbs. Power hitter and quick hands through the zone. Would the composite material minimize his power or enhance?
Coach Rock
It's always recommend that a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, the player is much, much more likely to have continued success at the plate. If he's used to using the Rival, and used it with success, then he'll probably have more success with the XL3 than the XL2.
Why is it cheaper to buy this separately than in the "batpacks" with say a Demarini Vengeance? I would've bought two bats if you had run that with the right pricing.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have sent this discrepancy to our Product Team for review and correction.
You should go to Northridge Little League and give each team one, can u?
Unfortunately, we are not in your area and could not do that for your Little League. We do apologize. The Easton XL2: SL11X28 Senior League bat is a very popular model. We are located in Kansas City, MO. We do provide a few Demo bats on our website that will be less expensive in price. You can definitely keep your eye out for an XL2.
Is the 30/22 bat size the only one you have? Son needs 31/23 or 32/24
We only show the sizes we have in stock. If you do not see a size listed on the website, that means it is out of stock. The Easton XL2: SL11X28 is a discontinued model and we will not be getting any more sizes in stock.
How will a 30" 22 oz. XL2 feel compared to an Omaha 30" 25 oz.? I know the XL2 is more end loaded, so it feels heavier. But how much heavier? I moved up to 30" 25 oz. for middle school ball, but think we may have moved too fast from 30" 22 oz. COMbat.
When you think of a bat that is end loaded the barrel will have .50-1.0 oz. of weight distributed to the barrel. That being said, the -5 Omaha would feel heavier because it is actually heavier in weight. The XL2 would have a lighter feel in swing weight even though it is end loaded because it is 3 oz. lighter.
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Easton is the world's leading manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment, and the most iconic brand in these sports. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Diamond Sports, LLC. manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment and related accessories. The company's commitment to innovation and game-changing technologies propelled Easton to the No. 1 bat position, including breakthrough technologies with aluminum and composite materials. As a result of this commitment to R&D and its storied brand heritage, Easton has long-standing relationships with Little League Baseball, USSSA Baseball & Softball, USA Baseball & Softball, hundreds of NCAA collegiate teams and numerous professional baseball and softball players.

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Easton XL2 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X28
Approved For USSSA
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats Youth
Bat Type Baseball
Deals Closeout Bats Bundle and Save
Length to Weight Ratio - 8
Material Half and Half
Vendor Easton
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