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JustBats Holiday Gift Guide

JustBats Holiday Gift Guide


It's happening. The holidays are here, which means it's time to get presents for all of your loved ones.

Have a future ballplayer running around the house? How about a significant other that fancies themselves a rising star at the ballpark? Does the softball player in your life need something that will enhance their on-field game? We understand. Here is a Holiday Gift Guide from JustBats to help you out.

2016 COMBAT MAXUM -12 Youth Baseball Bat (MAXYB112)

Perfect for the lil' 7-12 year old baseball player.

Gift Guide - COMBAT.jpg

Formerly a $280 baseball bat, JustBats now has it for $49.99. So, for this popular youth baseball bat with a one-piece, fully composite design, you'll be saving a lot of money. The bat is approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA and provides the lightest swing ever for a COMBAT -12 youth model.

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Batting Gloves

Perfect for any ballplayer's stocking stuffer.

Gift Guide - Batting Glove.jpg

The JustBats batting gloves have a low price point, but top quality models like Marucci Adam Dunn batting gloves and Marucci Jose Bautista batting gloves will make your loved one feel like a pro. All the batting gloves come in sizes that range from youth small to adult extra large, so all ages can be covered. Protect your player's hands and fill their stocking at the same time!

2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Senior League Baseball Bat (SLO5165)

Perfect for the aspiring 8-13 year old All-Star.

Gift Guide - LS.jpg

Featuring Louisville Slugger's 7U1 alloy, which creates one of the lightest baseball bats out there, the Omaha 516 has a 30-day performance promise, as well as a full twelve (12) month manufacturer's warranty. For a light-swinging bat, the Omaha 516 provides hitters with a large sweet spot that will give confidence to the Youth Big Barrel ballplayer.

Zepp 2 Baseball / Softball Swing Tracking System (ZA2B1NE)

Perfect for the softball or baseball player looking to enhance their game.

Gift Guide - Zepp.jpg

Your loved one already has the perfect bat, a glove they love, and some chewing gum. Now what? The Zepp 2 baseball/softball swing tracking system elevates even the seasoned pro's game. The Zepp 2 measures the most important aspects of a player's swing, as well as provide analysis and personalized training program to improve a player's swing.

2016 DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat (DXCFA)

Perfect for the Fastpitch contact hitter.

Gift Guide - DeMarini.jpg

Designed specifically for Fastpitch hitters who like to slap the ball, the DeMarini Slapper provides a larger hitting surface and lighter swing weight. Originally a $350 bat when it was introduced, JustBats holiday special pricing allows you to get a gift that requires no break-in time and has a full twelve (12) month warranty.

JustBats Gift Card

Perfect for any player.

Want to make things easy? JustBats gift cards are an easy gift that will guarantee that your athlete can get the bat they want. Psst, is the holiday tomorrow? No worries, you can easily email a gift card that will take you less than five minutes to order.

Personalize your baseball bat or softball bat. Custom bat knob.

Marucci CAT 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCBC614)

Perfect for the High School or College baseball player.

Gift Guide - CAT 6.jpg

The CAT 7 has been introduced, but the Marucci CAT 6 continues to receive rave reviews. The highly reviewed baseball bat is BBCOR certified and its AZ3000 alloy translates into all-season durability and proven performance. The Cat 6 is one of the most popular BBCOR baseball bats on JustBats and the smooth swing it provides is just one of the reasons why.

JustBats Pick Your Packs

Perfect for the All-Star that deserves to be spoiled.

Two is always better than one, right? Whether you need a couple of wood baseball bats or two softball bats, Pick Your Packs allow you to save money and easily select two (or more) popular bats. Get your player one for practice and one for game at a fraction of the cost!

Rawlings VELO Maple Wood Baseball Bat (PA110)

Perfect for the adult wood bat player.

Gift Guide - Rawlings-1.jpg

Fast, balanced, and durable, the Rawlings VELO wood baseball bat is exclusive to JustBats and is perfect for any adult baseball player. This modernized design offers breakthrough technologies and progressive materials that unite to drive performance while increasing one's batting average.

A Glove

Perfect for the player that already has too many bats.

Whether your All-Star plays Fastpitch or youth league, a glove is the perfect gift. JustBallGloves has all the quality gloves in all the types you need.

rawlings catchers mit exclusive giveaway justballgloves

What bat or holiday baseball gift are you hoping is waiting for you under the tree? Let us know by leaving a comment. In the meantime, if you have any baseball bat or softball bat questions, please give our Bat Experts a call at (866) 321-BATS (2287). We're available to help you from click to hit.

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