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Bat Review: Dirty South Bats

Bat Review: Dirty South Bats

Nestled just outside of Atlanta, Georgia is a town of 14,000+ people that, despite a rich history, isn't well-known. But after launching in 2015, Dirty South Bats is looking to put Winder, Georgia on the map.

Dirty South Bats is a USA bat manufacturer specializing in crafting baseball bats and fastpitch bats. Their differentiator? The company is one of the only composite baseball bats made in America. With all their bats proudly handmade in Barrow County, Georgia, couldn't resist learning more about this unique bat maker.

All Dirty South Bats are made in Winder, Georgia, and they make 5,000+ bats per year. So, what makes these bats different from other baseball bats on the market?

  • The sound of a Dirty South Bats bat is unique and unlike other bat brands. It actually sounds like a gunshot when a player really connects with the ball.
  • The taper from the barrel to the handle decreases dramatically.
  • The bats have a continuous compression barrel. Essentially, DSB bats don't have a sweet spot; they have a sweet barrel.


For 2018, Dirty South Bats has produced ten (10) youth big barrel bats at varying drops. But, all are approved for USSSA Baseball and, of course, composite. We've highlighted three bat series from Dirty South.

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Dirty South Bats Texas Big Baseball Bats

Texas Big (-8) | Texas Big (-10) | Texas Big (-12)

What's a Georgia-based bat company doing giving Texas some love? A majority of Dirty South Bats brand ambassadors and biggest fans reside in Texas. As a way to acknowledge the Texans' loyalty to their brand, the Texas Big bat was born--heck, there's a Texas outline in the 'D' of the DSB logo. These bats are great for the elite youth players. The Texas Big bat series will help in the process of becoming a better batter and overall ballplayer, because the combination of infinite fiber performance (IFP) and the continuous compression barrel (CCB) deliver elite pop, long-lasting durability, and a smooth feel on contact. Other key features of the Texas Big baseball bats:

DSB Texas Big.jpg

  • Limited edition design.
  • One-piece, composite baseball bat.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Extended sweet spot for more plate coverage.
  • Infinite Fiber Performance provides season-after-season durability.
Dirty South Bats Kamo Baseball Bats

Kamo (-5) | Kamo (-8) | Kamo (-10) | Kamo (-12)

Known for making bats built for brave players who want to enter the war zone, it's not surprising DSB pays homage with camouflage cosmetics. Dirty South Bats Kamo bat series takes a unique approach to architecture and design. These fully composite big barrel baseball bats don Kryptek camouflage cosmetics that is unlike any other bat in the business. It makes for an unbeatable look, optimized performance, and premium pop on contact. Other key features of the Kamo baseball bats:

DSB Kamo.jpg

  • Kryptek camouflage cosmetics.
  • One-piece, composite baseball bat.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certification.
  • Extended sweet spot for more plate coverage.
Dirty South Bats Swag 2PC Baseball Bats

Swag 2PC (-10) | Swag 2PC (-12)

Since Dirty South Bats is known for their composite bats, this series boasts their two-piece construction. Recommended for younger players who want an increase in bat speed, the Swag 2PC baseball bats help in the process of becoming a better batter and overall ball player. The Swag 2PC bat series is guaranteed to amplify strength, pop, and power all while reducing vibration in the hands because of the two-piece construction. Other key features of the Swag 2PC baseball bats:

DSB swag.jpg

  • Continous Compression Barrel (CCB) offers premium pop.
  • Two-piece, composite baseball bat.
  • Standard DSB grip.
  • Sweet barrel technology creates a supreme sweet spot.
  • Infinite Fiber Performance (IFP) provides season-after-season durability.

Have you heard about Dirty South Bats? What do you think of these baseball bats?

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