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Welcome to the Youth Bat Buyers Guide! Below, you'll find some helpful videos (along with their transcripts) that cover anything from picking the correct size bat to determining what rules or regulations are most important to you or your Youth Baseball player.
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Choosing the Right Youth Baseball Bat

When searching for the perfect youth bat, size and weight absolutely matter. In fact, it's probably the most important factor because it allows players to work on their hitting mechanics, batting stance, and swing speed. So, let's begin by checking out this awesome bat sizing chart. As you can see, it's very handy and easy to use. All you have to do is match your height and weight to figure out what length is recommended for you. If you're still not sure which length is best for you, no need to worry -- just call our experts. They're available 24/7 for your convenience.

In terms of weight, most youth bats feature a length to weight ratio, or drop, between minus 10 and minus 13.5. So what does that mean exactly? Good question. Length to weight ratio represents how many ounces a bat weighs compared to its length. The higher the number, the lighter it is. So a minus 13 bat is going to be easier to swing than a minus 8 length to weight ratio bat. So which drop is right for you? Another good question - it’s hard to know when you’re first starting out, but I’ll let you in on a little secret - it really comes down to your size and strength, so I recommend trying several out. Once you do, pick the one that’s easiest to control and swing. But remember, the greater mass a bat has, the easier it is to drive the ball with some power behind it.

Alright viewers, that’s all I have for you today - if you’re ready to browse through some youth bats, check out We have a ginormous selection to choose from, plus we offer free shipping both ways. And remember, at we're always here for you from Click To Hit!



USSSA Bat Rules for Youth Baseball

USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) is one of the largest baseball associations of America. USSSA allows both Youth (2 ¼” barrel) and Youth Big Barrel (2 ⅝” and 2 ¾” barrels) bats for ages 14 & under. In 2013, all non-wood Youth bats must have the permanent USSSA “thumbprint” stamp or permanent USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp. In 2014 and beyond, all non-wood Youth bats will require the permanent USSSA “thumbprint” stamp. Bats for ages 15 & above are required to be BBCOR certified or be a wood bat. 

All bats, no matter the barrel diameter, are required to be a maximum of 36” and to be manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat Licensee. For more information, visit the USSSA website



Babe Ruth Bat Rules: 12U Youth Baseball

The Babe Ruth League’s Official Bat Rules require  that all non-wood bats have a 2 ¼” barrel at the Cal Ripken Baseball Division (ages 6-12). Wood barrels are also required to have 2 ¼” barrels. Bats may not exceed 33” and require the BPF 1.15 mark. 

In the 13-15 year old division players can use a 2 ⅝” Youth Big Barrel with any length to weight ratio, as long as it has an alloy barrel. Composite barrel bats are required to be BBCOR certified. The 16-19 Division requires all bats to be BBCOR certified. 

Even though they meet the requirements listed above, some bats have been deemed “non-compliant” and are not approved for play in Babe Ruth. For a complete list, feel free to visit the Babe Ruth League’s official website, or contact our expert customer service team.



Dixie Baseball: Youth Bat Rules

Dixie Baseball is a major Youth baseball organization that is divided into seven divisions; only three of which allow the use of “Big Barrel” bats. The youngest four divisions require players to use a 2 ¼” barrel. All Youth bats must be stamped “Approved for Play in Dixie Youth Baseball” and be stamped “BPF 1.15.”

A (ages 6 and under), AA (8 and under), AAA (10 and under) and Majors (12 and Under) all require a 2 1/4” barrel. 

The Junior Dixie/Dixie Boys, Pre-Majors, and Majors divisions all allow bats with a maximum barrel diameter of 2 ⅝”. Bats in all three divisions must have a minimum barrel diameter of 2 ½”. Bats with 2 ¾” barrel diameters are NOT allowed in any division of Dixie. When a player enters the Pre-Majors (15-17 years old) and Majors (15-19 years old) divisions, only BBCOR certified bats are approved. Traditional wood bats, that are made of one type of wood, are allowed in these three divisions, as well. 

No laminated or hybrid or experimental wood bats are permitted in Dixie. This means that if a wood bat is made of bamboo, contains composite material, or is another type of two-piece wood bat, it is most likely not approved for Dixie play. 

If you’re not sure whether a bat is approved for the division you play in, it’s best to double-check with a league representative. You may also visit the Dixie Baseball website for additional league information or contact JustBats customer service.



Little League Bat Rules: Youth Baseball Divisions.

Official Little League Baseball is divided into many different age divisions, many of which overlap. When selecting the proper barrel size, it’s important to know the name of the division, rather than just the player’s age. The Tee Ball (ages 4-5), Minor League (ages 7-11), 9-10 Division, and Major Division (ages 9-12) are NOT allowed to use Youth Big Barrel, and must use a 2 ¼” Youth bat with a maximum length of 33”. 

The Intermediate Division 50/70 (ages 11-13) and the Junior League (ages 12-14) require all bats be either a 2 ¼” or a 2 ⅝” Youth Big Barrel bat with with a maximum length of 34”. Not all Youth Big Barrels are approved for play in these two divisions, as all bats with a composite barrel or that are fully composite must be BBCOR certified. Wood, 100% alloy and a hybrid design with an alloy barrel and composite barrel can be any drop weight, if they meet all other standards. 

Senior League (ages 13-16) and Big League (ages 15-18) require all non-wood bats to be BBCOR certified with a maximum length of 36”. 

If selecting a Youth Big Barrel, be sure to select a 2 ⅝” barrel diameter, as 2 ¾” are NOT allowed at any level of Little League Baseball. For more information, check out the most recent Little League Licensed Bat List and be sure that the selected bat meets the Rule 1.10 for the barrel diameter, weight, length and required certifications outlined above. 



Bat Sizing Chart Sizing Chart

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