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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I break in my new baseball or softball bat?

There are several methods to break in your new baseball or softball bat. The key to breaking in a bat is simply to use the bat. Typically, batting practice or hitting off of a tee is recommended to get your bat game ready.

How long does it take to break in a baseball or softball bat?

There is no general rule, for number of swings to break in a baseball or softball bat. Some bats are ready right out of the wrapper and others may require a number of swings to become game ready.

What is the difference between "One-Piece Bats vs. Two-Piece Bats"?

One-piece baseball bats use the same material throughout the entire design. The advantage of the one-piece design is that you get a stronger, stiffer bat that is generally favored by power hitters looking for as little flex as possible. In two-piece baseball bats you'll find that the handle is a separate piece from the barrel and that the two are bonded together. The advantage to a two-piece bat is that its design allows the barrel to flex at the point of contact creating a trampoline effect off the barrel. Two-piece bats generally have less vibration in the handle due to the separation of the handle and barrel.


What size baseball or softball bat should I get?

Usually, selecting a baseball or softball bat is a very individual practice. In selecting a bat the two main considerations are mass (weight) and velocity (speed you can swing the bat). You should try to select the longest heaviest bat you can control without decreasing your swing speed. See Selecting a Baseball Bat or Selecting a Softball Bat .

Do College and Olympic Players use the same baseball and softball bats on this site?

Yes, the baseball and softball bats you see your favorite players using on the baseball or softball field are the same bats you will find on the site. Some manufacturers list the bats that are used by colleges and Olympians on their websites. See Vendors for a complete listing.

What if the baseball or softball bat I order just doesn’t feel right?

We understand sometimes when you get your baseball or softball bat it may not have the balance and feel that you expected. If your bat doesn’t feel right, please send your unused bat, in its original condition, back to us with a note letting us know if you would like to exchange it for another bat or refund. We process all returns same day we receive them, typically within one hour, and send you an email confirmation the day we receive in the bat(s) that were returned confirming that we got the package back. There is no need to call for a RA Number. Please send back to:
       10800 North Pomona Ave.
       Kansas City, MO 64153

For more on returns see Return Policy.

I can’t decide between two/three different bats, what should I do?

One idea is to order all the bats you can not decide between. Try taking some ‘dry cuts’ with them and pick the bat you like and then send the rest back. As long as the returned item(s) are in their original condition we will always accept an item for return. We will process your return the same day we receive it, usually within one hour, and send you an email confirmation the day we receive in the bat(s) that were returned confirming that we got the item(s) back. Please send back to:
       10800 North Pomona Ave.
       Kansas City, MO 64153

For more on returns see Return Policy.

Do you have or can you get a particular old baseball or softball bat?

If you are looking for a particular baseball or softball bat that you had when you were younger or is 2-3 years old and you don’t see it on our site, it is probably not made anymore. We stock almost every baseball and softball bat that every manufacturer makes. To get more information on the older bat you are looking for, you can call the manufacturer directly, and they can give you information on when production has stopped and if they have any ideas on where you might find the bat you are looking for. For a list of manufacturer's phone numbers see our Vendors.

Can you get this baseball or softball bat in a Length and Weight that is not shown on the website?

We try to stock every baseball and softball bat that is made by each manufacturer. If you are looking for a specific length and weight of a model and we do not have the length and weight shown on the website you are looking for, it maybe temporarily out of stock. You can always call us to find out about availability, 1-866-380-BATS (2287).

When searching for baseball or softball bats by size, what do the negative numbers indicate?

The negative numbers under the bat size categories are the length to weight ratio. This means if you take the length of the bat you are searching for (e.g. 32 inches) and the size it comes in (e.g. -8), your bat would weigh 24 ounces. The length subtracted by the negative number will give the weight of the bat.

Still have more questions?

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