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Mattingly Balistk V-Grip Senior League Baseball Bat: BTVSL

mattingly Transcript

Baseball, it’s more than just America’s favorite pastime; it’s the greatest game in the world. Baseball legend Don Mattingly found a way to make the world’s greatest game and its players even better. While coaching his own kids, Don came up with an innovative idea, a bat with a unique grip designed to help hitters hold it correctly, a bat that encourages proper technique and unleashes the batter’s ultimate power, speed and potential. Made exclusively by Mattingly Sports, the V-Grip is the only bat with a unique grip that actually improves the batter’s performance. When you see the V-Grip, you’ll notice the difference right away. The V-shaped handle, automatically aligns the knocker knuckles and keeps the bat in the fingertips, not in the palm. The result? Batters are assured a proper grip every time and a proven gain in performance. Using a bat with V-Grip technology not only promotes good habits and sound fundamentals, but has been statistically shown to improve bat speed by seven percent in youth players. A 7 percent improvement in bat speed can result in up to 18 feet of additional hit distance. And it’s not just for practice. The V-Grip is approved for game play by all major national baseball and softball organizations. Sure, the V-Grip feels different at first, but after a little time on the field, you’ll see why players and coaches alike are switching to V-Grip. I’d recommend to anybody who’s serious about playing.

Customer Testimonial

I just want to say THANK YOU to and Clint whom I spoke with on Saturday to place our order. It has been an incredible pleasure to do business with you. I had ordered the same bat from another online company and waited almost 3 weeks, numerous messages (voice and web mail) but, never could we talk to anyone much less get an update on our order and the tracking number was bogus. It has been a mess to make a very long story short and the worst part was an 8 year old little boy running to the porch everyday to check if his bat had arrived. When I called and spoke with Clint, Saturday, it was such an AWESOME experience. He made me feel important and valued. I sent a letter to the manager and President of the other company expressing my disappointment in the level of service I received from them and included the following about my experience with your company:"I do want you to know we will have the Easton Havoc 27/14 in our possession tomorrow (Tuesday 5/9/06 as another company I contacted on Saturday, 5/6/06, was very happy to have our business.It was amazing when I called them, on a Saturday, a representative PROMPTLY answered the phone and made me, the customer, feel special.I mean I actually spoke to a human being. I was not lost in the never ending circle I experienced with XXXXXXX's phone system. When I explained our 8 year old had been waiting on this bat for some time and how I was willing to pay extra to expedite the shipping time, I was told that would NOT be necessary as we would probably have the bat by Tuesday or Wednesday, even with free shipping.I received a real tracking number today showing that my order would be received on 5/9/06. WOW...I was blown away by how does such an awesome job.They really exemplify the meaning of "Customer Service"." I am sure we will have a great relationship in the future because of the kindness, care and understanding Clint demonstrated during his interaction with me.We all know how quickly poor customer service stories are spread and I am a trainer for an international telecommunications company. I come in contact with alot of people focused on Customer Service not to mention people we know through the baseball community, church, neighbors etc. I will personally spread the word of the GREAT service I received from It has truly been a FABULOUS experience. I hope a ton of business comes your way... Thank you, thank you and thank you! The best part is, our son has a game tonight and how his face lit up when I told him the bat would for sure be here today!!! It was a real joy to see how this made him so happy. This was much better than the tears of disappointment.Thank you again.

- Victoria, Edmond, OK
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8"
Deals:Closeout Bats
Length to Weight Ratio:- 5
Price:$0 - $99.99
Sub Type:Baseball
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Mattingly Balistk V-Grip Senior League Baseball Bat: BTVSL