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Baum Bats

Baum Bats


Founded: 1991

Contact Information:
Baum Bat, LLC
21617 N 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: 1-888-915-2286

Warranty Information:

History and Background of Baum Bats:
Baum Research & Development Company is the leading manufacturer of wood composite baseball bats in the world. Baum Bats hit, feel and look exactly like professional wood bats, and the Baum Bat's amazing durability outlasts wood 200-500 to one.

Major League Baseball instructed Baum Research & Development to walk a fine line by creating a durable bat while allowing it to break at the upper limits of thick handled Major League wood. Our company is the pioneer in research to evaluate the performance of all bats including metal, wood, and composite bats, both for baseball and softball.

Baum Research & Development is the first company to invent true wood composite bats. They include our AAA Pro Model Baum Bat, Fungo Baum Bat and the Monster Baum Bat.

The Patented AAA PRO model Baum Bat is the only true high-tech wood composite bat, approved for minor league game use by Major League Baseball. It is also approved for NCAA and NFHS use.

The AAA Pro Model Baum Bat was developed to meet requirements as articulated during 1991 by personnel of Major League Baseball teams and the Office of the Commissioner. These parameters became the wish list for the specifications of the ideal training/game bat for all of baseball. The perfect wood bat! This ideal bat has revolutionized baseball world wide, returning the game to "wood like" as it was intended to be played.

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