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Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth

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Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth
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Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth
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This bat is still listed as legal by Little League, but it's been mentioned previously that this bat will be illegal for 2014. What's the story?

The Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth has been discontinued for the last several years. There is a chance that it is still meets performance standards, but it probably does not have the current stamps and markings required to make a bat legal.

Justin R. Expert ·Jan 05, 2014
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will this bat be legal for little league in 2013

As long as the rules remain the same, the Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth will be legal in 2013.

Zach Expert ·Apr 28, 2012
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Will this bat be legal for the 2013 season?

Yes, The Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth will be legal for 2013.

Zach Expert ·Apr 21, 2012
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Does this bat come in a 28 inch length and 16 oz weight?

No. The LNC2XL is a drop 10 bat and is not available in that size.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 18, 2012
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I need to buy this model, but I want the 32/22 size. Can you help?

The Easton Omen is a discontinued model . The Easton S1: YB11S1 Youth replaced the Omen and is available in a 32" 20 oz. There is an end loaded model available in a 32" 22 oz; Easton XL1: YB11X1 Youth, which feels similar to the Easton Omen with a slightly longer barrel.

Kara Expert ·Apr 18, 2012
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Is the LNC2XL for power or contact hitters?

The LNC2XL is a two piece bat that is often preferred by contact hitters. However, based on tons of customer feedback, it makes a great bat for any type of hitter.

Tyler Expert ·Apr 12, 2012
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My wife and I want to buy the Easton Omen bat for our son. We saw that the bat will not be legal in 2013. Is this still true as of now and what bat would you recommend us getting? We are looking for a 29"/19oz.

It all depends on what league you are playing in as far as legality goes. The LNC2XL is still legal in Little League, and will be legal in USSSA until 2014. I recommend using our Bat Coach to determine the best size (link below).

Tyler Expert ·Apr 11, 2012
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I am a contact hitter and I would like to know which is better Easton Omen: BNC12XL or the Easton S1?

Either the Easton Omen or the S1 would be a great option for you. These are actually pretty much the same bats. The S1 is the replacement for the Omen, since that bat has been discontinued.

Jennifer Expert ·Apr 11, 2012
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will omen have the USSSA stamp required in 2013 by 2013

This bat will not feature the USSSA 1.15 Stamp required for play in 2013.

Austin Expert ·Mar 27, 2012
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Is this bat gonna be legal in 2013 for little league?

This bat features the old stamp, which will make it legal for use in 2012. However, it does not have the new stamp which is being required in 2013.

Jennifer Expert ·Feb 22, 2012
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My son is a power hitter and wants to get a bat he can hit bombs with. Is this a good bat for that type of hitter?

The Omen is one of the better performing youth bats on the market. He should hit plenty of bombs with the Omen in his hands.

Tyler Expert ·Feb 20, 2012
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You said this bat was legal for the 2012 little leauge season.What about cal ripken or babe ruth leagues

This bat is approved for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth. This bat is marked BPF 1.15 .

KG Expert ·Feb 09, 2012
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The LNC1Xl is a -12 which means it will swing a little lighter than the LNC2Xl. It sounds like you son could handle the LNC2XL.

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 08, 2012
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You said the Easton Omen: LNC2XL Youth bat is legal to use in little league baseball until 2014. Is this a for sure thing? I saw earlier in the questions it was answered that it was only good for 2012. Please help. I am very interested, but don't want to waste my money on something my son can't use.

This bat will be legal for use in 2012, but not thereafter. This bat was produced before the league required the new stamp design. This bat is marked USSSA 1.15 BPF and that stamp is being grandfathered in for the 2012 season, however in 2013 ALL bats will be required to have the official USSSA 1.15BPF stamp on them.

Jennifer Expert ·Feb 07, 2012
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which bat would be best to go for, the omen or the new power brigade?

The Easton S1 in the new power brigade series is the bat Easton came out with to replace the Omen. The S1 is going to be pretty evenly balanced, and be very comparable to the Omen, but is a little more durable and has a bigger sweet spot.

Jennifer Expert ·Feb 06, 2012
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Which replacement model is more like the Omen, the S1 or XL1?

Both S1 and XL1 are replacing the Omen. The XL1 has a more end loaded feel and the S1 has a more balanced feel.

KG Expert ·Feb 02, 2012
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just bought the it approved for play in 2012

It is approved for play in Little League.

Shelbe Expert ·Feb 01, 2012
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Does bat have the approved stamp on it?

This bat has the old USSSA mark and will be legal until 2014 when all youth bats will need the new stamp.

KG Expert ·Jan 31, 2012
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How does the Omen compare to the S1? Exact same bat with different graphics?

The Easton S1 replaced the Omen for this year.

Ryan Expert ·Jan 30, 2012
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Does this bat have the USSSA stamp?

This bat does not have the USSSA stamp on it

John Expert ·Jan 29, 2012
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Im am searching for the Omen but 32, 22. If it is available in this size and weight.

The Omen is discontinued. The replacement model is the Easton S1: YB11S1 Youth.

Kara Expert ·Jan 18, 2012
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i have a 10 year old son debating between the 1XL and the 2XL?? he is 5'0 115 pounds

Both options are going to be good, the LNC2Xl is going to be a -10 size and the 1XL is a -12 size

Sean Expert ·Jan 14, 2012
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Do you have this bat in a 2012 drop 10 32"?

The Omen has been replaced by the S1 and XL1. If you need a -10, check out the YB11X1.

TJ Expert ·Jan 12, 2012

This bat is only available in a 28" 29" and a 31" at this time, we will not be getting anymore of these in

Sean Expert ·Jan 12, 2012
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Will this be approved for Cal Ripken Baseball Division?

Yes, this bat is Cal Ripken approved

John Expert ·Jan 07, 2012
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does this bat have USSA or BBCOR marks required for 2012 USSA?

Not the newest designed USSSA stamp, no. This bat was actually produced before the league came up with the required stamp design. It is marked USSSA 1.15 bpf, and that stamp is being grandfathered in. According to most recent info given to us, in 2013 ALL bats will be required to have the official USSSA 1.15BPF stamp on it.

Linda Expert ·Dec 30, 2011
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Is this bat USSSA approved for 2012?

This bat has the older USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp on it, it is being grandfathered in for 2012. But from the most recent info given to us, it is only for 2012 and will not be legal in 2013.

Linda Expert ·Dec 21, 2011
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Is this bat stamped BPF 1.15?

It doesn't have the newest USSSA stamp, but does have the older one that is being grandfathered in. So this bat IS legal.

Linda Expert ·Dec 20, 2011
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will this bat be legal for the 2012 little league season. my son is 12 and will have only the 1 yr to use it anyway(from what i understand about the 13 and over leagues), but i want to make sure it is legal before we invest the $190 for the 1 yr............

Yes. This is legal for the 2012 season.

KG Expert ·Dec 12, 2011
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What youth bats are approved for 2012?

My recommendation is to check with your league directly, as all leages have slightly different by laws and rules. See if they can provide you with the most updated list.

Linda Expert ·Nov 22, 2011
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What is the difference between LNC1XL and LNC2XL? My son said to buy a 31 minus 10. What does that mean?

The only difference is the length to weight ratio. Meaning the length of the bat minus the weight...for example, your son wants a -10, so a 30 inch bat and 20 ounce bat would be a -10. The one you want is the LNC2xl.

Linda Expert ·Nov 21, 2011
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someone told me this bat has spring loaded technology, is this true?

It's not a "spring loaded" technology, its what is called the ConneXion Two-Piece Technology which bends on contact with the ball creating a trampoline type effect.

Linda Expert ·Nov 16, 2011
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what is the difference between this bat and the LNC1XL

One is a -10 and the other is a -12. They are the same bat but the LNC1XL will be lighter.

KG Expert ·Nov 14, 2011
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How long is your shipping on your bats?

If you order before 8 p.m. Central Time, your bat will ship the same day and arrive within five business days.

Kara Expert ·Oct 28, 2011
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No. They are exactly the same except for the drop. The LNC2Xl is a -10 and the LNC1XL is a -12.

Kara Expert ·Sep 28, 2011
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According to USSSA, it needs the sticker to be legal in 2012. I bought my bat this past summer -- no sticker. Is it legal for next year or do I need to buy a new bat?

The youth bats don't need to have the same stamp the big barrels have. All it needs to say is USSSA 1.15, which it does.

Luke Expert ·Sep 24, 2011
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Is this a 2012 USSSA approved bat?

Yes it is!

Dave Expert ·Sep 20, 2011
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what number do u call for special pricing


Mark Expert ·Sep 16, 2011


John Expert ·Sep 16, 2011
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What is a better all around bat, the omen xl or the cf4 st?

Both of these bats are going to be the top of the line bats on the market right now. The Omen will have a little more pop and the CF4 will have more durability. You cant go wrong with either bat.

Todd Expert ·Sep 16, 2011
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Will this bat be legal for Cal ripken 12u in 2012?

The rules have not come out as of today, but this bat will most likely be legal for next year. It was legal for Little League in 2011, so most leagues will have this bat legal for next year. It will be legal in most unless they do not allow composite barrel bats.

Brett Expert ·Sep 07, 2011
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when will u guys have 30/20's in stock

As of 8/19/11 we do not have this bat in stock. We will be getting more of these into our warehouse in the next month. When we receive these bats, we will have them up on our website and you will be able to purchase them.

Brett Expert ·Aug 19, 2011
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do you have a 31'' in stock

As of 7/11/11 we don't currently have the 31" in stock. As soon as we receive this back in stock it will show directly on the site.

JH Expert ·Jul 11, 2011
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would you say this is easton best bat?

Yes, I would say that the Easton Omen is the best bat the Easton has on the market right now. This bat has a lot of pop and has great durability.

Brett Expert ·May 31, 2011
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any ideas how to fix the end cap? not sure if we would get it back under warranty before allstars

Actually, Easton may be able to provide you with a replacement endcap without voiding your warranty. I can't guarantee this, but I would try contacting Easton at 1-888-259-1297. It's not recommended, but you can attempt to use some urethane epoxy adhesive to secure the endcap back in its correct place.

John Expert ·May 27, 2011
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Whats the difference between the LNC1XL and LNC2XL.

The LNC1XL is a -12 and the LNC2XL is a -10 bat. These are going to be the only differences with these bats.

Brett Expert ·Mar 23, 2011