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Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy Senior League Baseball Bat: SLP102

Reviews for the Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy Senior League Baseball Bat: SLP102
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  • The ball explodes off of this bat

    Baseball Dad
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Pros:  Bat is Hot out of the wrapper. Great Performance..

Cons:  Scratches and chips easily, That doesn't affect performance though

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Pros:  I am the dad of an 11u travel player. What makes this bat great is the balance. It feels lighter than other 30/20 bats(Rival, Combat big barrel) because of the balance. Similar to the original Combat B1 in balance but it is a big barrel. Great pop as well.

Cons:  Slight dent after a couple of weeks.

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Pros:  My son has had the Omaha TPX and Demarini Vendetta. He has also used some of the Easton V12 bats his teammates use. I have to say this bat outperforms them all (especially the Omaha which I do not recommend). I read these reviews for weeks and bought several bats for my son so take it from me......stop reading these reviews and buy your kid a Worth Lithium Prodigy then sit back and watch the fireworks!!

Cons:  None

Questions and Answers for the Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy Senior League Baseball Bat: SLP102

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I bought an Easton Rival and I'm really starting to regret it because of how im seeing other peoples Rivals dent in one swing. Luckily this has not happened to me, but i would like to know: s this bat a better buy than the Easton Rival?

The Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy: SLP102 Senior League and the Easton Rival are pretty much the same bat as far as performance and durability go.

Zach Expert
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do you have any bat packs that come with this bat and a larger bat my son is 8 and useing and older worth same size but we need a new one with a stamp and would like to have one he can use now and one to step up to next year?

Unfortunately, the only bat packs we have that feature the SLP102 are the ones shown on the website. At this time, we do not have any plans to introduce the SLP102 to any new bat packs.

Tyler Expert
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I play in a league where we use the soft 12 clincher. What would be a good bat to use? I have the Miken Freak and I am very disappointed. It has no pop and and it has a weird feel when you hit in the wrong spot. Any ideas?

The Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy is a youth bat and is not suitable for slow pitch softball. Check out these slow pitch Worth bats:

Kara Expert
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Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy Senior League Baseball Bat: SLP102
About Worth

Worth, Inc. can trace its beginning back to the year 1912, when George Sharp Lannom, Jr. purchased a tannery in Tullahoma, Tennessee and established the Lannom Manufacturing Company. Initially, the firm tanned leather for harnesses and horse collars they manufactured. However, as the automobile grew in popularity, the demand for the company's harnesses and collars declined, so Lannom shifted its manufacturing resources toward production of leather covered baseballs and softballs under the "Worth" brand, and men's leather dress gloves under the "Craig" brand. Charles (Chuck) E. Parish jo.... read more

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Bat Features
  • **BPF 1.15**
  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Center Load Endcap
  • D955 Lithium Alloy
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • One-Piece Design
  • Sting Reducing Silencer Grip
  • Whiplash Technology For Thin Taper
  • X-Tended Sweetspot Gives Barrel 1-2" of Extra Length
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Description for Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy Senior League Baseball Bat: SLP102
The SLP102 features the USSSA 1.15 stamp and is legal for use in 2012! A favorite of thousands of players each year, the Worth Lithium Edge Prodigy returns this season revamped, reloaded, and ready to rumble! The balanced one-piece design is ideal for players of any size, strength or skill level. The Prodigy is made from Lithium Alloy, the strongest aluminum in the Worth arsenal. Its strength allows for the thinnest walls and shells in the game, giving players maximum trampoline effect! Handle stiffness and barrel flexibility are optimized to provide the highest allowable batted ball speed. This barrel flexibility is enhanced through the Center Load endcap that is designed to give players 5% more inertia to drive through the ball. The handle is graced by Whiplash technology to create up to a 30% thinner taper for reduced weight and increased bat speed. The handle is then covered with a Silencer Grip to end sting and vibration so players can swing with confidence. But the thing that keeps hitters coming back to the Prodigy year after year is... the MONSTER 2 3/4" BARREL! The hitting surface is like none other in the game, and this year is designed with stunning red-accented black on black graphics! Worth: Performance Through Technology! The Prodigy has a 1.15 BPF approval. It carries a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Customer service - contacted company by phone, questions answered & the person on the phone was very polite. Also, Fast delivery. Already ordered 2 bats from your company and have told friends. Will continue to order bats in the future as we need them. Thanks

- Jane , Kennesaw, GA
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 3/4"
Deals:Closeout Bats
Length to Weight Ratio:-10
Price:$0 - $99.99
Sub Type:Baseball