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Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2

Reviews for the Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2
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Pros:  I have been using the Ultra II senior bat for Over 6 years, i purchase many ULTRA II senior bats....during the first 4 years, This was the BAT!!! the ball goes an extra 50 feet without any effort.

Cons:  But over the last 2 years Miken Ultra II Senior bats tend to break more easily at the sweet spot, in addition, the performance level dropped dramatically. I personally bought approximately 15 bats at $200 a pop...My team purchased over 300 of these. Not happy heard through the grapevine, Miken "quality control" has diminished or not taking them seriously...not worth buying them, unless they take these reviews seriously. Otherwise Bye Bye!!! Many senior leagues in Central Florida are switching over to the Reebok Melee senior bats..Miken you better improve or else...

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Pros:  The ball flies!!

Cons:  The bat breaks!!

Questions and Answers for the Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2

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I am an average hitter without much power. Will this bat give me some added power?

It should. The balanced swing weight of the Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MSU2) should allow you to reach higher swing speeds which would be the key to power. And this model is also rated with the BPF 1.21 performance stamp, so it's one of the highest-performing bats available.

Mac Expert
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Is this bat fully loaded?

The Miken Ultra II Senior Softball (MSU2) Slow Pitch bat features a balanced swing weight. The (ULTTOC-UII) would offer the same design, but a half ounce end load at the end of its barrel.

Mac Expert
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Do you have to break in the Miken Ultra ll MSU2? If so, how many hits? Also will it help keeping it in a bat warmer?

The Miken Ultra II Senior Softball (MSU2) will require a minimal break-in period of about 25 hits or so while rotating the barrel. Keeping the bat in a bat warmer may help the composite fibers to stay loser but the difference would be slight.

Patrick Expert
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Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2
About Miken

During the past few years, serious softball players have looked to Miken Sports for bats that provide the highest levels of performance and durability. Our relentless focus on both technology and the demands of players has made Miken the most demanded line of softball bats today. Although composites are the latest trend in softball bats, the technology has been the core of Miken's success since the company's inception. Miken pioneered the modern high-performance composite softball bat in 1998 and has pushed the limits with every model since. No other bat company has driven innovation as .... read more

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Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2
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Description for Miken Ultra II Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MSU2
If you play in a senior softball league or a league that does not have a national affiliation, this is the bat for you! Hands down the hottest bat on the market, Miken's Velocit-E Ultra II brings players unbeatable performance. The one-piece, 100% composite Ultra II features Miken's E-Flex Ultra Technology that allows the barrel walls to flex inward to create monster trampoline effect and a GIANT sweet spot! The Ultra II also uses Carbon-X Shell Technology and that provides added durability and maximum distance each time contact is made. This bat features an ultra-thin 13/16" handle for excellent control and a 13.5" barrel length that gives it a huge hitting area. This is the bat that changed the game of softball forever. Get your hands on the highest performing product ever made for slow pitch softball: The Miken Ultra II! Miken: We Don't Play the Game, We Dominate It! This bat is approved for SSUSA and other Senior Softball play. It is NOT approved for ASA or USSSA play. This bat does not carry a warranty of any kind. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

We have ordered several bats and our boys get excited everytime. Thanks appreciate your service to Hawaii!!

- Patrick , Honolulu, HI
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Approved For:Senior Softball
Price:$100 - $199.99
Sub Type:Softball