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Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat: SL13AXL

Reviews for the Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat: SL13AXL
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  • Low vibration

    Matt K
  • great graphics, good looking bat


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Pros:  Light weight, incredible pop out of the wrapper, no vibrations. Overall great bat.

Cons:  none

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Pros:  Awesome bat. My 11 year old son can really hit distance with it, I can't wait until it gets broken-in.

Cons:  None.

“Great Bat”

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Pros:  I was a little apprehensive about buying this bat for my son since my experience with the H2 and his experience with the H2 and Catalyst haven't been all that great. I've been a Louisville Slugger guy all my life and love the Omaha's, Air Attacks ect from the mid 90's. This bat hits the mark. It is well balanced, has a nice sweet spot, gives no negative feedback (according to my son) and has a great grip. He is absolutely destroying the ball with this bat....a far cry from the struggles he had with the Catalyst last season. I bought this along with a CF6, but he has yet to take the CF6 out of the wrapper. This is a tremendous bargain at $119. The bat has restored my faith in Louisville Slugger so much that we're headed to Columbus OH on the 25th of this month to swing the 2014 Attack at National Demo Day.

Cons:  Have yet to find one. The durability question will remain to be answered since we've only had the bat about a month.

Questions and Answers for the Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat: SL13AXL

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Is this bat, or could you help by telling what bats made by Louisville like this one are legal for 9u travel?

Unfortunately, travel ball programs do not have a universal rule set in place when it comes to bats like the Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat (SL13AXL) if you could ask a coach or league official what rules they have about barrel diameter and barrel material, we may be able to make a more accurate ruling.

Patrick Expert
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My son is playing U9 kid pitch travel. He has an aggressive swing; he is currently using a 27" 17 oz. Easton V12. Do you think a 29" 19 oz. is too much jump for him or should he stick with the 28" 18 oz. in this bat? Will there be a big performance difference between this and the 2014 attack XL?

There are some key differences between the Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat (SL13AXL) and the 2014 model. The 2014 Louisville Slugger Attack (SLAT14-RX) uses flex bend technology for a low swing weight and a huge sweet spot. The new three-piece Tru-3 technology also helps reduce the vibration to the handle. With regard to sizing, that will be a matter of preference. Generally, you want to swing the longest and heaviest bat that you can comfortably and consistently control. If he did well with the 27" model, there is nothing to say that he couldn't make the jump to a 29" comfortably. Ultimately, it will come down to his overall strength as well as bat speed.

Tessa Expert
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Does this bat need rolled?

Composite bats such as the Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL (SL13AXL) should never bee rolled. This is illegal and will also void the warranty. The best way to break-in a bat is to take 100-200 swings off a tee or soft toss. Rotate the barrel 1/4" each swing.

Kara Expert
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Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat: SL13AXL
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Louisville Slugger, the most well-known and respected name in baseball, is entering its 130th year and keeps getting better on and off the field. Louisville Slugger® is the Official Bat of Major League Baseball® and the #1 name in baseball since the earliest days of the sport, straight through to today. Louisville Slugger is synonymous with America’s pastime. Originating in 1884, Louisville Slugger bats have graced the hands of the greatest players through history, including stars of today and more than 80% of the hitters in Cooperstown’s Baseball Hall of Fame. .... read more

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Bat Features
Description for Louisville Slugger TPX Attack XL Senior League Baseball Bat: SL13AXL
It's time to step up and attack the diamond, because the two-piece composite just changed forever! Louisville Slugger proudly introduces their new two-piece composite bat suitably named the TPX Attack. The Attack debuts Louisville Slugger's new two-piece T2 Technology. This revolutionary new transition technology strengthens the link between the barrel and handle to give the Attack a trampoline spring and virtually eliminates vibration on contact. This straighter, thicker rubber ring results in a bat that is not only sturdier, but gives players an unparalleled feel of the ball jumping off the bat. Vibration from mishits are absorbed before they reach the player's hands, allowing players to be more consistent with their hitting. The Attack is constructed from Louisville Slugger's LS-2X Composite that uses thinner, high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers to add more layers to the barrel for reinforced strength, while reducing the overall thickness of the barrel wall. More pop, less weight: that's the formula for better performance AND durability. With a balanced swing weight and an easy to grip 7/8 inch standard handle, this bat will have hitters ATTACKING the strike zone like never before! Louisville Slugger: Be the Best, or Swing the Rest! The Attack features the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp and is approved for play. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
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Very quick and the tracking opportunity was great.

- Thomas, Pawcatuck, CT
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Bat Properties
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 3/4"
Deals:Closeout Bats
Deals:Flash Sale
Length to Weight Ratio:-10
Price:$0 - $99.99
Sub Type:Baseball
Vendor:Louisville Slugger

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