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DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL

Reviews for the DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL
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  • Tons of pop

  • great bat


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Pros:  This bat is amazing. i just got it and it was launching the ball right away when in got it.I love the look and the feel. no sting at all and great pop. wish every bat could be just like it.

Cons:  none

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Pros:  Hands down an amazing bat. my team took batting practice with an omen, cf4 (original), cf4 st, and the cf5 and the cf5 just blew away all of the other bats

Cons:  none

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Pros:  The design is beautiful, the grip is comfortable and it has great pop. The ball just flies when you make contact.

Cons:  Why would there be any?

Questions and Answers for the DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL

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What age would this bat be good for? I have a 12 year old that weighs 90lbs.

The 2012 DeMarini CF5: DXCFL Youth will be fine for ages 7 to 13. Your 12 year old would be just fine with this bat.

Noah Expert
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My son is 12 in a few weeks. He weighs about 120 lbs. and is 5'2". He doesn't have amazing bat speed right now, but we are working on that . Would this bat or the Voodoo be better for him?

I would recommend going with the 2012 DeMarini CF5: DXCFL Youth bat since it is more balanced and evenly weighted than the DeMarini Voodoo.

Marcus Expert
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Do you guys get new shipments of the 2012 models? My size is a 32 inch.

No, we will not be getting anymore of the 2012 DeMarini CF5 Youth's in. It looks like we only have the 31" 20 oz. one's left.

Chad M. Expert
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DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL
About DeMarini

Two years before founder Ray DeMarini started his own company in 1989, he was hired by ESPN as the advisor and host of a series of instructional softball videos. To this day, Ray DeMarini's Reflex Hitting System is still ESPN's most successful home video. Taking his expertise and credibility to his self-named company, DeMarini made headlines in 1993 with the world's first multi-wall bat, the Doublewall. Innovation hasn't let up since, as the company continues to be a trend-setter in baseball and softball bats. In 2000, DeMarini joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods to develop the .... read more

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Bat Features
  • -11 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA
  • Doublewall Barrel
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Geo Endcap
  • Geo Knob
  • Half and Half Technology Makes YOU Stronger
  • TR3 Strut Composite
  • Product Video for the DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL
Description for DeMarini CF5 Youth Baseball Bat: DXCFL
For the past several years, the CF4 has dominated discussions about the hottest bats on the market. This year, DeMarini raises the stakes by introducing a completely revamped successor, aptly named the CF5. The CF5 is built on the principle of geometric perfection. DeMarini has unveiled a new composite material, called TR3 Strut Composite, that imitates the structure of crystals which are one of the strongest and most stable compounds on Earth. The triangle formation inside the barrel provides a fixed ratio of sides and angles so it's strong, stable and predictable - without any unnecessary weight! The molecular structure of the TR3 Strut handle is designed to efficiently transition power from the hands to the barrel to give players balance and consistency with every swing. This two-piece design is engineered durable with a very high strength to weight ratio, and light enough to be worthy of Doublewall duty. A bat like this can't be plugged with any average end cap, so DeMarini engineered the new Geo Endcap to meet its needs. The Geo Endcap is full of load-balancing triangles and is designed to maintain the stiffness of the barrel while dampening vibration to give hitters an amazing feel, shot after shot! The CF5 also features Half and Half Technology that redistributes weight to give the bat optimal balance. This gives younger players the ability to swing faster with less effort; ultimately resulting in more power! DeMarini: Insane Dedication to Performance! The CF5 is approved for play in all major youth leagues. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

My son was so excited to receive a bat I told him let's look at the u.p.s tracking number and looked it up ,it said it was coming that day ,and it did thanks you made it easy to look it up .

- Edward, Lakside, CA
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Bat Properties
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4"
Deals:Closeout Bats
Length to Weight Ratio:-11
Price:$100 - $199.99
Sub Type:Baseball