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Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12

Reviews for the Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12
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  • It has tremendous pop and great balance

  • Bought it for my son, and he's loving it


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Pros:  Great bat for raw power hitters to use for little league. This product fits perferct with your child's array of youth baseball bats for the 2012 season.

Cons:  Very expensive bat. I wish they made a $150 version.

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Pros:  I bought a 30/18 for my son and his team. We had only two homerun's before this bat and then had numerous homerun's after buying this bat. If you have a kid that is within 10 to 15' of hitting homeruns this bat will put them over the fence. We now have 4 of these bats and this is the only bat that we use on our team. We have a Briggade and it stays at home. Awesome bat.

Cons:  I wish they made the 17oz in a 30 inch length. I would buy this bat tomorrow if it came out.

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Pros:  Awesome bat and amazing pop!Looks cool to.It is harder to dent this Nano Tek than the other Nano Tek so get this one.

Cons:  Will dent sadly but I haven't dented mine yet.Also great warranty.

Questions and Answers for the Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12

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Is this bat approved for USSSA and ASA fastpitch?

The Anderson NanoTek XP: NANOXP12 Youth is not approved for USSSA and ASA fastpitch. The Anderson NanoTek FP: NANOFP10 Fastpitch is approved for ASA and USSSA fastpitch.

Kara Expert
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Will Anderson have new bats for 2014?

Anderson has not yet released any information on a 2014 bat.

Noah Expert
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my son is 9 yrs old, 4'3, 85 lbs...we swing bats all year long, (cages in the winter)... what size bat should he go with?

Our charts are suggesting a 29" to be ideal for his height and weight. Check out our cool "Bat Coach" feature for all your sizing needs.

John Expert
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Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12
About Anderson

Manufactured with pride in the USA, Anderson bats have been a part of America's national pasttime since 1999. It is their goal to be interwoven into the fabric of the sport, at all levels, and to have Anderson Bat Company become synonymous with better baseball and better softball. Anderson players expect the best bats in every league ranging from fastpitch to slow pitch to youth baseball, and that's exactly what they get. Their commitment to the ever-continuing updates in bat technology goes hand-in-hand with their belief that improved products improve the players, improved players .... read more

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Bat Features
  • -12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 30" and 31" do NOT have the NEW USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp.
  • Approved for Play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA
  • Ergonomic Weldless Knob
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • LaunchPad Technology
  • Reduced M.O.I. For Increased Bat Speed
  • Single Wall Construction
  • TaperFlex Contour - Vibration Management System
  • TrueFlex End Cap
  • Two-Piece Hybrid Design
  • Product Video for the Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12
Description for Anderson NanoTek XP Youth Baseball Bat: NANOXP12
After years of producing the highest performing all-metal bats on the market, Anderson is doing things differently this season. The NanoTek design has been revamped and made into a two-piece alloy/composite hybrid. Don't worry though, many of the same technologies remain and many more have been added to make this NanoTek the best yet! The thing that really sets the NanoTek apart is Anderson's LaunchPad which gives this bat the largest, most explosive, effective hitting area of any bat in the game. LaunchPad is an integral blend of complex nano-metallic and aluminum alloys that are molecularly bonded to create a barrel structure that results in a single metal wall. The patented LaunchPad combination delivers more strength and pop than any solo material or combination ever tried. By elastically strengthening the hitting area, the LaunchPad gives players the most reactive barrel in the game... with no break-in period required. Every feature of the NanoTek is designed to provide the hitter with the ultimate in performance. From the TrueFlex End Cap and TaperFlex Contour that aid in vibration management, to the Ergonomic Weldless knob that provides phenomenal comfort, the NanoTek will exceed your wildest expectations about what an Anderson bat can do for your game. Anderson: Manufactured With Pride in the USA! The NanoTek is approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Great price, ease of use of the web site and quick delivery!

- Nerni, Temecula, CA
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Bat Properties
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4"
Length to Weight Ratio:-12
Material:Half and Half
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Baseball