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2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: KRKTFP Fastpitch

Reviews for the 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: KRKTFP Fastpitch
5 Product

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  • This bat has an amazing pop

  • My daughter has used an Annderson for approximately 3 years now and super satisfied with the product


“I loved my Anderson”

by (player)
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Pros:  I have a 2008 23" 32 oz. end-loaded Anderson Rocketech. It just recently died, but before it did it had great pop, amazing performance, and was simply great. I hit multiple homeruns with it. Great bat. Too bad I wore it out! I would rate this bat 96% out of 100%. A+!

Cons:  Very small end nob!!! So I bought an end cap. Also the bat stings your hands horribly if you hit the ball incorrectly or off the end of the bat.

“No Better”

by (coach)
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Pros:  My daughters second rocketech and not her last. just needed bigger size. I used Anderson and now she loves them. The team wore out her last one, I don't understand why Anderson does not get more respect.

Cons:  Can't buy everywhere not as mass produced.


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Pros:  My daughter had an older version of the rocketech given by a friend about three years ago. Her very first hit was a direct shot back to the pitcher, the pitcher only had time to put her hand up which the ball shattered all the blood vessels in her hand. Thank God nothing else happened to that pitcher. She is now the pitcher on our softball team now :). We had our first tournament this past weekend and my daughter batting average of .875. Yes 14 of 16 at bat. Now I know a lot is the ability, confidence, and discipline. God is my witness the ball jumped off the bat!!!! She was hitting seeds all over the place. Not to mention its American made. I am a true believer in this bat, its HOT right out of the package.

Cons:  None as of yet.

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Is the 2014 Rocketech end-loaded?

The 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: (KRKTFP) Fastpitch bat is not designed to have an end loaded swing weight, but the Double-Wall All-Metal Alloy barrel tends to give it a slightly end loaded feel.

Bobby Expert ·Apr 15, 2014
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I am trying to decide between the Anderson RockeTech and the Louisville Slugger Xeno. My daughter is more of a power hitter. I have heard great things about each bat. She is 11 years old and 5'10" about 105 lbs. Which would be the better bat? What size would be best?

The 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP (KRKTFP) Fastpitch is a one-piece alloy design. The one-piece design provides for a stiffer feel and is usually better for power hitters. Based on her height and weight, we suggest the 33" model.

Jason Expert ·Apr 02, 2014
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Is this approved for use in NAIA?

Yes, the 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP (KRKTFP) will be legal for play in NAIA. For a complete list of approved bats, check out:

Tessa Expert ·Feb 24, 2014
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2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: KRKTFP Fastpitch
About Anderson

Manufactured with pride in the USA, Anderson bats have been a part of America's national pasttime since 1999. It is their goal to be interwoven into the fabric of the sport, at all levels, and to have Anderson Bat Company become synonymous with better baseball and better softball. Anderson players expect the best bats in every league ranging from fastpitch to slow pitch to youth baseball, and that's exactly what they get. Their commitment to the ever-continuing updates in bat technology goes hand-in-hand with their belief that improved products improve the players, improved players .... read more

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2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: KRKTFP Fastpitch
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Bat Features
  • -9 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA
  • Double-Wall All-Metal Alloy Barrel
  • External PowerArch Technology
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Six (6) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Grooved Assembly System
  • SG-I Sport Grip
  • TaperFlex Contour
  • TrueFlex End Cap
  • Ultra-Thin Whip Handle With Weldless Ergonomic Knob
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Description for 2014 Anderson RockeTech FP: KRKTFP Fastpitch
New for 2014! Designed for power and durability, the RockeTech is THE bat to own if you're a softball enthusiast. Anderson's design and use of high performance materials deliver superior performance that will maintain a solid feel throughout the bat's life. This is due in part to the new all-metal, multi-wall alloy used on the RockeTech. Anderson abandons conventional thinking when it comes to the multi-wall by introducing Internal PowerArch Technology to the RockeTech. This technology incorporates an arched interior sleeve design to generate maximum legal performance and an optimized moment of inertia (M.O.I.). A lower M.O.I. allows players to swing faster, which results in more power behind every swing! The RockeTech also features a TaperFlex Contour and TrueFlex End Cap that both aid in vibration reduction. Both of these integral parts also strengthen the barrel and keep energy locked in. Holding it all together, Anderson's Grooved Assembly System locks and fortifies the shell, sleeve, and end cap, providing increased barrel elasticity and superior durability. With an ultra-thin whip handle, SG-I Sport Grip, and weldless ergonomic knob, the RockeTech feels better in your hands than any bat ever has. Anderson: Manufactured With Pride in the U.S.A.! The RockeTech is backed by a Full Six (6) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

We were happy to find the bat my son was looking for on your web site. We had searched other sites as well as the manufaturer and found them to be back ordered other places.

- Roberta, Colorado Springs, CO
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Bat Properties
Approved For:ASA
Approved For:ISA
Approved For:NSA
Approved For:USSSA
Barrel Diameter:2 1/4"
Length to Weight Ratio:- 9
Price:$200 - $299.99
Sub Type:Softball