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Why Swing a -5 Senior League Bat? - Buying Guide

Video Transcript

The drop 5 Senior League bat is an excellent option for hitters who are looking to play high school ball within the next year or two and here’s why... If you take a close look at your Senior League bat, you’ll see a negative number stamped somewhere on the barrel, and this number represents the bat’s drop or length-to-weight ratio Now, most Senior League bats have between a minus 8 and a minus 10 length-to-weight ratio, while the required high school bat has a minus 3 length-to-weight ratio. Take a look at that scale - now, that’s a definite problem. How can pre-high school player successfully transition when the weight difference is such? Well, more often than not they can’t handle the weight change and what ends up happening is they not only losing their swing speed, but their hitting mechanics suffer. So what can you do to avoid this catastrophe? Guys, it’s an easy solution. Swing a minus five Senior League bat a year or two before your high school debut. Trust me, you’ll find that the minus three high school bat is much easier to swing, putting you ahead of your recruiting class. So, there’s a little bit of advice if you’re wanting to be among the best going into your freshman year of high school. If you need additional help or have any questions, please contact our customer service reps. They’re super nice and at your beck and call 24/7 or if you’re in the market for a drop 5 transitional bat, check out We have a large selection of baseball and softball bats and we deliver everything not only fast, but totally free, so remember from click to hit at

Learn why players should swing a -5 Senior League bat before their high school debut.

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