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USA Slow Pitch Team Chooses!

Video Transcript

I'm Geno Buck here, Team USA. I choose name is Bryson Baker. When I need a bat it's'm JD Genter with Team USA. I use the Louisville Slugger Z1000 model. Whatever bat you choose choose'm Rusty Bumgardner with Team USA. I choose It's easy to navigate to and customer service unbeatable.I'm Dal Beggs with Team USA.I'm Rick Baker with Team USA.We use'm Mason James Rulli and I choose name is Brett Helmer.I'm Brian Wegman.We're here with Team USA Softball and Easton Sports hitting the new 2011-2012 Easton Bat Line out here for You guys can look at all of the bats that we've just hit today. You can check them out at do you think?I would buy them at you buy yours or would you buy mine?Mine.But I'm older.Good point - buy his.

Some of the best slow pitch players in the game choose Check it out for yourself and learn why it's the preferred bat website!

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