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How to Grip a Softball Bat with Michele Smith

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michele Smith. I want to talk a little bit about the proper grip. A lot of times we find athletes hold the bat too far back in the palm of the hand. And when you do that it inhibits or decreases your ability to be quick and to have a nice quick swing. So how do we properly want to hold the bat? We want to make sure that the bat is in the fingers and what we do is we like to think about lining up our knocking knuckles. These would be the knuckles that you would knock on a door with. So if your knocking knuckles are lined up it's gonna ensure that the bat is properly held in your fingers. So this grip is gonna give you the smoothest, quickest swing to contact the quick smooth swing is going to give you the most pop of the ball off the bat.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist (Atlanta, Sydney) fastpitch player Michele Smith discusses how to properly grip a bat. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience as a professional fastpitch player. Get great face time with collegiate coaches and recruiters! Prepare for the 2013 softball season with a 3-day instructional camp based out of sunny Clearwater, Florida. Learn skills from the best in womens fastpitch while getting exposure to top coaches & players. Ages 8-18 welcome. You can find out more about this camp at the following link:

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