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Baseball Training: How to Break-In a Composite Bat

Video Transcript

Hey, guys. I'm Nick with And today we're gonna be going over how to break in a composite bat like this one here. Some bats are gonna have a rotational index that are gonna help you when breaking the bat in. Others, you know, that don't have the rotational index, what you can do is use the labels to give you a guide of how much you're rotating the bat. So basically, the idea here is you're gonna want to start by hitting balls off a tee and rotating the bat a quarter turn between each hit. So I'm gonna start demonstrating that for you now. Now that I've taken that first swing, what we're gonna want to do is rotate the bat a quarter turn before hitting the next ball. And we're gonna continue that process of rotating the bat a quarter turn for the rest of the process, hitting 100 to 200 balls. After you've completed that first 100 to 200 swings off the tee, you're well on your way to your bat being broken in. The following step you're gonna want to hit 50 or so swings, taking either soft toss or front toss like Tommy's gonna help me with here. Again, you're gonna want to keep rotating that bat a quarter turn between each swing. After you finish those 50 or so swings off of the front toss, we're gonna back it up to a more full BP setting. From here, you're gonna take another 50 or so swings. And by the end of this, you're gonna be pretty much done breaking your bat in. So I'm gonna start that process now. Still hitting and rotating the bat a quarter of a turn. You're gonna rotate. After you finish those 50 or so swings, your bat's gonna be ready for game play. That's it for today, but keep checking in for more tips and tricks. And if you have any questions, feel free to submit them to our website Or check our Facebook or Twitter feed. Thanks, guys.

Did you recently purchase a new composite baseball bat? If so, watch and learn how to break it in properly from a two-time All-American. This video is a great tool for players to use in the batting cage. Interested in shopping for a new composite baseball or softball bat? Check out! Our main goal is to make your shopping experience the best possible. Give us a call at our toll-free number below or shoot us an email at the address below. We strive to be on top of our game, so you can be on top of yours. Questions or Suggestions? Facebook or Twitter Page, E-mail:, Toll Free Telephone: 1-866-321-BATS (2287)

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