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2014 DeMarini Stadium & DeMarini Mercy Slow Pitch Bat Overview

Video Transcript

Derrick: Hey guys. Derrick here with and today joining is Matt from DeMarini. Thanks for joining us, Matt. Matt: Thanks for having me. Derrick: Yeah, no problem. Any time. Matt, why don’t you kind of get us kicked off. I know you have three new exciting slow pitch bats for this season. Let’s start off with the Stadium. Matt: Yeah, so this year we actually have two difference Stadium models coming out. We have our standard 13 inch barrel with is a pretty balanced bat. Still got the aluminum handle from what people have experienced with our Stadium in years past. And then we’ve got a brand new one that’s specifically Chris Larsen’s signature model. That one sports a 12 inch barrel so it’s got an extreme end-load to it. It’s what Chris wanted for when he’s hitting on the tour, in the Long Haul Bomber tour and trying to drive balls out of MLB stadiums so, now we have those two different models. Derrick: Very cool. And I know something that’s got a lot of the female slow pitch players excited is the new Mercy. Matt: Yeah. Something new to us is having a specifically bat just for the women’s slow pitch play. And what that means is we only have two weight drops. It’s only a 25 ounce and a 26 ounce. There’s nothing higher than that, so it’s – we made it designed for the women, but the bat is so crazy hot with the new ASA standard that they just went to that we’ve seen a lot of guys picking it up on the field too. Even though it says right on the bat it’s designed for women’s slow pitch, the guys aren’t afraid of it. Derrick: Yeah, that’s pretty cool. So guys, you hear that right from the source here. Don’t be afraid to pick that Mercy up. So, all right, well great. Matt, thanks for coming and telling us about the new line. Matt: No problem. Derrick: And guys, don’t forget, from click to hit with

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