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2013 Easton Synergy 100W: SP12SY100W Slow Pitch

Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Brian Wegman here out visiting, with the new Brian Wegman Synergy. The same great durability that you've all become accustomed to with Easton, Easton is synonymous with durability. And this year's model, the 2013 model, they found a way to make it hot out of the wrapper. One of the new changes to this bat line is the new black carbon composite bat handle. Really has reduced some of the tingle and vibration that we had in years past. Easton has really exceeded expectation with sweet spot. It has been phenomenal. I've been swinging mine since February. And I'm still in awe of the sweet spot of this bat and how large it is being a 12-inch barrel. The best change Easton made with their bat line for 2013 is the performance out of the wrapper. This bat is what I call insta hot. It is ready to go out of the wrapper and you still have that great durability that Easton's been known for. This is, and I can honestly say this, the best bat I've swung in the last seven years that Easton has made. That's a pretty bold statement, but it is the truth. You can pick up the Brian Wegman Synergy and the rest of the 2013 bat line at

Check out what THE Brian Wegman has to say about his signature ball smasher. Get yours at

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