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2013 Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Line -

Video Transcript

This is Kyle with And we wanted to get you guys out here to walk you through the new line of Salvo bats from Easton. In the past there's only been one Salvo. That's probably one of the most popular slow pitch bats we've ever seen. Now they got five. So we wanted to make sure that everybody knows exactly which bat is right for them. And kind of what league and player Easton is targeting with each one of the bats. First one we're going to check out is the Salvo Scandion. What we have here with the Salvo Scandium is a one piece all alloy bat. A lot of leagues today have come down hard on composite bats for all you players that are forced to use an all alloy bat, this gives you the Salvo balance, Salvo feel in a one piece alloy design. Next bat in the line is the Salvo connection. Similar to the one piece all alloy this is a two piece all alloy. Again a bat made kind of for the player who is forced to use an alloy bat. This gives you a two piece feel. It's going to get a little more flex and still be able to use it in the aluminum alloy only leagues. Third bat here is the Salvo MultiWall. Like we've been kind of talking, a lot of leagues require the alloy barrel. Well, this is an alloy barrel with a composite shell. This isn't going to be legal in all alloy leagues. You'll want to check with your league officials just to make sure a multiwall bat is allowed. But basically what they did here is they gave you the feel of a composite bat still making it legal for alloy leagues. So we have an alloy barrel with a composite shell. It gives you a little bit more pop, a lot more comfort. Reduces all the vibration, but just kind of best of both worlds, while still making it legal for most leagues that allow alloy bats. Next one we got here is the Salvo 98. All USSSA players are really familiar with that name. The 98 is just referring to 98 miles per hour where the ball exit speed. This is going to be the ASA version. Very similar to the Salvos of the past. That's kind of what made the Salvo popular was just its performance in the ASA level. So one of the fan favorites right here. It's back, better than ever, but your Salvo 98 for ASA league. Last one we got here is the Salvo 100. It's gonna be the USSSA bat. The highest performing Salvo out of the bunch here. U trip has always had a loser regulation on the bats. The ball can come off a little bit faster. It's usually a little bit more competitive league. And that's who this bat is made for. It's made for USSSA player. Out of the past the Salvo only came in ASA. But the popularity of it, the cost of it, just everything about it really helped Easton make the decision to make an ASA certified bat. So for all you that love the Salvo in the ASA now have a USSSA option. It'll perform a little bit better in the ASA version. So you guys I hope that answered a lot of your questions. I know it's kind of confusing. Five different bats, same names all slightly different technologies. If we didn't clear up your questions feel free to give us a call at We're always here to help. And we want to make sure that everybody has got the bat they need to perform at the plate. Give us a shout whenever you need, and don't forget from click to hit with

Learn about the 2013 Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Softball Line from one of our bat experts. Check out the 2013 Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Line at Salvo Comp 100: SP12SV100 Salvo Comp 98: SP12SV98 Salvo Multi-Wall: SP12SVM Salvo Connexion: SP12SVC Salvo Scandium: SP12SVS

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