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Fungo Bats


Fungo Bats are one of the most valuable tools for a coach or parent. These long, skinny bats are crafted to be lighter and longer than traditional baseball bats. Because they're used during practice drills and pre-game defensive warm-ups by coaches to enhance player performance, fungo bats are designed to hit balls tossed in the air. Use our Training Bat Resource Guide to get up-to-date on the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding fungo bats.

Still unsure of what Fungo Bat to select? Visit our Fungo Bat Reviews or check out our list of the best fungo bats in the game today. 

What size fungo bat do I need? 

Typically, fungo bats range from 34 to 37 inches in length. The ideal size, however, hinges on your comfort and what you'll be using it for.

  • If you're frequently hitting high flies to the outfield, a longer bat (around 36 to 37 inches) offers greater reach and leverage.
  • For infield practice, a slightly shorter bat (around 34 to 35 inches) gives you more control and precision.
Louisville Slugger S345 35" Maple Wood Fungo Baseball Bat: WBL2708010 $99.95
Louisville Slugger G160 36" Maple Wood Fungo Baseball Bat: WBL2709010 $99.95
Marucci Coaches 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat: MTRBFA $99.95
Rawlings 35" Northern Ash Wood Fungo Baseball Bat: 114RAF $69.95 Price was: $89.95
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