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Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult

Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult
$139.99 With Free Shipping Both Ways
Reviews for the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult
7 Product

  • Solid, solid bat

  • excellent bat swings great will be buying another

    ragin cajun

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 5 1

Pros:  Nice bat,great feel

Cons:  price

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 6 2

Pros:  Bought it for my son. Senior in H.S. He states it's "tight". Likes the feel and the pop. The order process and delivery was A+... delivered on Christmas Eve.

Cons:  It's 10 freakin degrees outside... so not really bat swinging weather.

  • Overall Rating
Was this review helpful ? 2 1

Pros:  good feel, good pop, great bat

Cons:  none

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Was this review helpful ? 1 1

Pros:  excellent bat swings great will be buying another

Cons:  none

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Was this review helpful ? 1 1

Pros:  Solid, solid bat. Each one I've bought has lasted a min of 18 months.


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Was this review helpful ? 0 2

Pros:  Great feel and balance. Most pop out of any wood bat that I have used. Almost feels like metal when you get one in the wheelhouse.

Cons:  None.


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Was this review helpful ? 1 0

Pros:  Indestructible. Great bat and got better the more I used it. Like strongly recommend anyone to buy this bat.

Cons:  None

Questions and Answers for the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult

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What turn model would this bat be?

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult is a 141 turn model.

Logan Expert
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My 15 year old son uses a balanced bat (Cat 6 moving to CAT 7). We wanted wood for the next couple months of workouts. Can you provide some balanced wood bat recommendations?

If you are looking for a balanced swinging wood bat, then this Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CD1 Walker/Black Adult) is definitely something to consider as it features a 141 turning model which creates a long taper from the barrel to the handle of the bat (a long taper leads to a balanced feel). Another Sam Bat to consider that is balanced is the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MMO Black/Natural Adult).

Ben Expert
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Is a 141 turn model more end-loaded than the 271 turn (or less end loaded)?

This Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CD1 Walker/Black Adult) will feature a 141 turn. Overall, the balanced feel between a 141 turn bat and a 271 turn bat will be very similar. However, I think the 271 turn bat could be a little more balanced feeling due to the fact that the handle is thicker on the 271 (thicker handles usually lead to more of a balanced feel).

Ben Expert
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How would this Sam Bat compare to a 141 model bat from Louisville Slugger?

This Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CD1 Walker/Black Adult) is cut with a 141 turning model which means that the specifications of this bat would be the exact same as a 141 model from Louisville Slugger. The only difference would probably be the cosmetics on the bats (or wood material if the Slugger model was cut from a different material).

Ben Expert
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Which bat is more balanced, this bat or the RB8? Also, which one is going to be more comparable to a 271 turn model?

Both the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CD1) Walker/Black Adult and the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (RB8) Natural/Black Adult are going to be an end-loaded designed bat. However, the RB8 is going to be a little less end-loaded and feature a turn model that is more similar to the 271.

Liz Expert
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Is this the same bat as the all black CD1, but differently colored?

Yes, the Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult features the same 141 turn models as the CD1 Black Adult. The only difference is the color scheme.

Jason Expert
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What is the difference between the KB1 and the CD1?

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat (CD1) Walker/Black Adult and the KB1 are fairly similar models. They both have a 2 1/2" barrel diameter, a 29/32" handle, and a cupped end. However, the KB1 has a 271 turn model and a flared knob. The CD1 has a 141 turn model and a slightly flared knob.

Jason Expert
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Do the CD1 and KB1 have the same size sweet spot?

Yes, the Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult bat will have a similar sweet spot size as the KB1. Either would be a great choice!

Brandon Expert
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Is this bat drop 3?

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult has an approximate -2 to -3 length to weight ratio.

Mac Expert
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Is this bat "bone rubbed" like many other wood bats are?

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: CD1 Walker/Black is not bone rubbed.

Tyler Expert
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Is this bat durable? How big is the knob?

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat: CD1 Black/Walker has above average durability for a wood bat and it has a standard size knob.

Tyler Expert
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When you get another shipment of 33 in. bats in?

As of right now we do not have an estimated time. But, once we have them in stock they will be available on the website.

John Expert
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How is it weighted? Even or top-heavy?

The CD1 is nicely balanced.

lkh Expert
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Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult
About Sam Bat
Sam Bat

Sam Bat grew out of careful research and a thorough knowledge of eastern hardwoods. It also developed from a simple question by Bill MacKenzie, then of the Colorado Rockies: "We're just breaking too many bats. Do you think you could come up with an answer to that?" The solution was fairly obvious. But the answer led to a pile of work and a crash course on bats. The reading list ranged from "The Physics of Baseball," "The Rules of Major League Baseball," "219 Patents on Baseball Bats" to "The Trees of Canada, Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers." There was also the search for wood whic.... read more

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Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult
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Bat Features
  • Walker Handle / Black Barrel Finish
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Approximate -2 to -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/2 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Slightly Flared Knob
  • Retains 100% of the Maple's Natural Hardness
  • Free Shipping!
  • Handle: 29/32 Inch Diameter
  • Thin Handle with Even Taper to the Barrel
  • Made From Top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber
  • Turning Model: 141
  • Rideau Crusher Model

Description for Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Walker/Black Adult
The SAM BAT CD1 is one of the most popular models we make. This longstanding favorite is a great transitional model for players looking to switch from metal to wood. A classic rounded knob meets a straight handle, giving the bat a similar feel to aluminum. The CD1 is a regular barrel model with a straighter barrel and a relatively quick taper from handle to barrel. All SAM BATs are crafted from professional grade hard rock maple for outstanding strength, longevity and performance. Some folks will lead you to believe that wood is wood, and that the brand does not matter. Others will tell you that the bigger the brand, the better the wood, because of their sheer mass of raw materials, and the ability to hand select the finest timber. We will tell you that is only the beginning. All Sam Bat timber is of the highest grade Hard Maple available in North America. Every bat to come out of the mill is made from the top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber. That makes a Sam Bat good, but what happens next makes it great. Conventional lathes put a tremendous amount of stress on timber as the wood is being turned. This fatigue weakens the stick before it even sees the ballpark. Sam Bat timber is turned into a baseball bat on a proprietary lathe, custom built for and designed by Sam Holman, the founder of Sam Bat. This exclusive technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process. Most bats lose at least 4-5 long shots before they leave the factory floor, but Sam Bats keep them. But the real test is at the elite pro level. In just a few years, hundreds of professional players have made the switch to Sam Bat Hard Maple. Sam Bat: The Original Maple Bat Corporation! Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Wow ordered a bat Saturday was at my front door Monday!I thought it would take a week,thanks for such a quick delivery!!Placing an order was painless too!!Love that there was no shipping other websites offered the same bat I purchased at a lower price but shipping was crazy it was cheaper on this site!!We will be back!!!

- Kristina, Guilderland, NY
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Bat Properties
Barrel Diameter:2 1/2"
Bat Type:Baseball
Price:$100 - $199.99
Vendor:Sam Bat
Wood Type:Maple