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Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35 XL Series: Senior League Power Brigade Easton XL3: SL11X35 Senior League
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  • -5 Length to Weight Ratio

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Single System Technology (SST)

  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp; Legal for Use in 2012

  • Free Shipping!

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

  • THT100 Aluminum

  • Extended Barrel Design


  • Patented ConneXion Technology Reduces Vibration

  • One-Piece Aluminum Design


Easton truly believes that every player should have the opportunity to hit for power. However, the road to power hitting is different for every player. Some players need extra bat speed to reach their full power potential, while others need more weight and a bigger barrel. That's why Easton is changing the game this season and taking an approach to bats that no other manufacturer has ever tried before. Introducing the POWER Brigade; Two series, one distinct result. Whether you prefer the fast swinging Speed Series or the heavier extended barrel XL Series, POWER will be your outcome. Forget flashy designs and gimmicky names, these bats produce RESULTS. The Speed Series (S1, S2, S3) features the lowest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) on the market to create light swing weights and generate more power. On the other side of the spectrum, the XL Series (XL1, XL2, XL3) features extra long barrels designed to give players expanded hitting zones and more mass in the barrel, generating more power in every swing. Easton really does strive to fulfill the preferences of any type of player as both series come in two-piece IMX Composite designs (S1 and XL1), two-piece IMX Composite/THT100 Aluminum hybrid designs (S2 and XL2), and one-piece THT100 Aluminum designs (S3 and XL3). As for the materials, Easton's patented IMX Composite has proven to be one of the highest performing materials in the game year after year, while THT100 Aluminum provides superior dent and crack resistance. Throw in an array of additional world-class Easton technology and you have a new line of bats that is second to none. Easton: We Believe In Power! This bat features the USSSA 1.15 stamp and is approved for play in 2012 and beyond. It is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

Reviews (38)

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Overall Rating
baseball baller

Pros: great pop, feels light, perfect grip, cool design, big barrel, and nice sound

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 44 30
Overall Rating

Pros: great bat. don't have to break it in and has great pop. love the grip.

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 35 8
Overall Rating
baseball player

Pros: great pop, wonderfully , balanced, perfect grip, perfect weight, and smooth swing

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 60 22
Overall Rating

Pros: Huge sweet spot, very comparable to the rival in pop, solid bat for the price


Was this review helpful? 8 3
Overall Rating

Pros: Bat has big sweet spot with nice pop. Had the Easton Rival last year as fifth grader and was hoping this bat would be the -5 version of the Rival -10 and it is. Very satisfied

Cons: None

Was this review helpful? 9 6
Overall Rating
al dog!!

Pros: all i can say is son loves this bat!and in a drop-5 for the price cant go wrong.nice pop..well worth it.u dads or moms need to get this bat ASAP...


Was this review helpful? 10 1
Overall Rating
Zach #4

Pros: Great pop, has a very long barrel with a big sweet spot. Sounds good and has a really nice feel to it. The grip is very nice to.


Was this review helpful? 10 0
Overall Rating

Pros: No break in period needed. Ball jumps of this bat. This is the one you are looking for. Perfect for 13U.

Cons: None.

Was this review helpful? 9 0
Overall Rating
Thunderking 4

Pros: Amazing pop right out of the wrapper. The barrel is really long and its pretty well balanced. Easton has delivered again!


Was this review helpful? 9 0
Overall Rating
the beast

Pros: very good pop and looks nice.....breaks in good.

Cons: everybody wants to use it and gets dirty

Was this review helpful? 9 2
Overall Rating

Pros: Nice grip, cool sound

Cons: Its white so it gets dirty. Pretty expensive. Extremely heavy & end-loaded. The people who rate it five stars probably work for Easton.

Was this review helpful? 1 41
Overall Rating

Pros: good length. nice sweet spot, tight/firm grip.

Cons: need to hit specific spot to get a good hit on it.

Was this review helpful? 6 8
Overall Rating

Pros: Just got this bat in the mail amazing!!!! Fantastic grip, light but very powerful, huge barrel and wonderfully balanced. Easton cam through again

Cons: None at all

Was this review helpful? 5 0
Overall Rating
zach 4

Pros: Has good pop,long barrel

Cons: i really thought this would help me get ready for high school swinging a heavier bat but this bat is just beyond heavy. Its not balanced at all. I am not weak. I have just never really used a bat this unbalenced before!

Was this review helpful? 2 28
Overall Rating
K-Factor 23

Pros: this is probably the best bat I have ever owned.It has amazing pop.

Cons: there is nothing at all wrong with this bat.

Was this review helpful? 6 0
Overall Rating

Pros: This bat is awesome has a huge sweet spot and the pop is great.

Cons: Nothing wrong

Was this review helpful? 4 1
Overall Rating

Pros: this bat is very good at the distance it gives you and the power in the ball. There is a big barrel which help it overall. Ive had this bat for about 2 or 3 months and i love it, best bat from Easton for me.


Was this review helpful? 6 0
Overall Rating

Pros: Hit a 350ft bomb and im only 13 so i say its a great bat buy it

Cons: NONE!

Was this review helpful? 6 1
Overall Rating
Derek Jeter

Pros: used in first Dixie boys game and went 2 for 3 with two doubles, great bat

Cons: stings when hits a 65 mph or faster baseball

Was this review helpful? 1 15
Overall Rating

Pros: Bought the -5 and is very close to the -3 bat. Great feel and nice sweet spot.

Cons: None.

Was this review helpful? 3 1
Overall Rating
love bats

Pros: This bat has a lot of pop and I would shots in the outfield with it.

Cons: To be honest none

Was this review helpful? 2 1
Overall Rating

Pros: I am 13 7th grade this bat has very good pop and the end loaded makes sure you hit of the sweetspot great bat

Cons: the bat gets dirty easy

Was this review helpful? 4 0
Overall Rating
J Nipps

Pros: great pop for usssa best usssa I've ever used

Cons: grip wears fast just some tape and you're good though

Was this review helpful? 4 0
Overall Rating

Pros: great bat. good product. would highly recommend.

Cons: none

Was this review helpful? 2 0
Overall Rating
big shot

Pros: ok bat i have troble with the bat because im used to the more balanced bat. i used the other series of the speed and hit 3 out in a batting practice.

Cons: end loaded,

Was this review helpful? 1 6
Overall Rating

Pros: looks cool when you first buy it

Cons: gets dirty incredibly quickly, INCREDIBLY unbalanced; it feels like its 8 oz heavier than it is. terrible pop, tiny sweet spot, awful, awful, awful bat

Was this review helpful? 0 20
Overall Rating
Easton man

Pros: Great bat as far as pop and durability and looks really good also.

Cons: The grip is ok but it can start to come off if used a lot.

Was this review helpful? 1 3
Overall Rating

Pros: crazy pop, great grip, cool design, end load for insane power

Cons: none, great bat

Was this review helpful? 6 0
Overall Rating

Pros: I love this bat I'm 13 I've had it for 9 months and I've hit 25 homeruns with it its great

Cons: doesn't taste like pizza

Was this review helpful? 5 1
Overall Rating
ding dong23

Pros: awesome blossom mate


Was this review helpful? 2 1
Overall Rating
jesus freak

Pros: Great pop. The best bat I have ever had. I would by it again in a heartbeat!!!

Cons: No cons at all!!!

Was this review helpful? 6 0
Overall Rating

Pros: best bat ive used. great color. great grip. must have. nice soild sound. no break in peried judt buy and use. game ready

Cons: white color so marks show up, hard to remove

Was this review helpful? 1 0
Overall Rating
big daddy

Pros: sweet bat all around


Was this review helpful? 1 0
Overall Rating

Pros: Great pop and well balanced.

Cons: None yet.

Was this review helpful? 1 0
Overall Rating

Pros: Last game of season, tried teammates XL3, 3 run bomb to CF that still hasn't landed, great bat, balance, pop, grip, feel,of course got one now

Cons: Didn't use it til last game of season

Was this review helpful? 2 0
Overall Rating
Maryland player

Pros: Long barrel, great looks, great pop.

Cons: None.

Was this review helpful? 1 0
Overall Rating

Pros: This bat has ok pop.I am more of a contact hitter but I wanted to try a end loaded bat but it didn't really work out. For the power hitter its a great choice.

Cons: The pop isn't that good.

Was this review helpful? 2 0
Overall Rating
boom boom

Pros: amazing

Cons: there are none

Was this review helpful? 0 0
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Questions and Answers (57)

Have a question about the Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

will this be more endloaded than a rival -5?
The XL3 is not an end load, it is slightly end weighted.
Is this bat MORE or LESS endloaded than the 2011 EASTON RIVAL -5. My son hit well with the Rival and just need to know if its comparable.i
Since this is the XL series this bat will have a little more of an end-loaded feel compared to the S series.
Looking for a -5 that is end loaded. My son swings last years Easton Omen 11xl but needs to go with a USSSA stamp now. Suggestions?
the XL3 is going to be endloaded in feel with quite a bit of pop
Is the Easton XL3 a top heavy bat?
The XL series does have an end-loaded feel while the S series will be more of a balanced bat.
is this bat better then the vexxum
They are both great bats, its really going to come down to player preference between two piece and one piece feel.
How does the Easton Omen compare to the Easton XL3? Looking at a 32/27 for my 12 yr old son, plays travel.
The Omen is 100% composite and the XL3 is 100% alloy. Compsite barrel bats need a break in of 100-200 hits before the bat is game ready. Alloy barrel bats are game ready out of the wrapper.
My son is the team leadoff hitter. He's 14, Sr. League, small/muscular; but he's not going to hit a home run. Single, line-drive hitter. What Easton bat would you recommend. I only buy Easton.
Martin L.
The XL3 is designed for a power hitter because it is end loaded. I would recommend the Easton S2: SL11S210 Senior League.
im thinking of this or the combat b3 im 13 power hitter wat do u thinks better and wats the lowest performance tmpeture for this bat
If you are a power hitter, the XL3 maybe a little better for you. The XL3 does not have a temperature restriction
Where does this bat stand compared to the Easton Rival?
This bat is going to have more of a end-load feel in the barrel and going to be designed for power hitters. This bat also has more barrel mass to it as well.
Picking between the Easton Composite Omen or Alloy of the XL3. Which has better pop or would be considered better bat for travel ball? 32/27 size bats
I would recommend the Omen, composite is going to end-up having more pop than alloy the more and more it is used.
I bought the Easton Rival -5 from you last year(no USSSA stamp), what's the best 2012 replacement? Like even weight distribution, alluminum pop, massive sweet spot.
The S3 replaced the Rival. The XL3 is the end loaded version of the Rival and the S3 is the balanced version of the Rival. Both are going to have excellent pop. The XL3 is going have a slightly longer barrel.
I'm looking for the S3 as a Rival replacement, but I don't see it in a -5
The S3 does not come in a -5. The XL3 will be the -5 option.
is it is good as x1?
Yes this bat is as good as the Easton X1, though the X3 is a one piece full alloy. Were as the X1 is a two piece full composite.
Does this bat also come in a 2 3/4? If it does, is the 2 3/4 stamped?
This bat does not come in a 2 3/4" barrel. You may want to check out the S3 SL11S310B. Both bats will be stamped USSSA 1.15 BPF.
Does this bat have more or less pop compared to the DeMarini Voodoo Black?
Based on customer feedback, both have a good amount of pop. I would give a slight edge to the Voodoo though as it has a longer track record.
Is this bat approved for middle school baseball? Is this a drop 5 BBCOR approved bat?
The Easton XL3 Senior is not BBCOR and BBCOR only comes in a drop 3.
Is this bat like the Omen or Stealth XL with the end weight?
The Easton XL3 will have more of an end loaded feel. It has an extended barrel design, which is what gives it that feel. The Easton Omen is a pretty balanced bat, so this one will probably feel different if you are used to swinging an Omen.
Is this bat going to be a little more end loaded than the XL1 and the XL2?
Each one of these bats is going to have about the same amount of "end loaded" feel to them. The XL3 is just different because it is a one piece bat, unlike the XL1 and XL2.
does this bat have the same barrel length as the xl1?
Yes. Both have the same barrel length.
Hi I'm 13 and I bat 2nd on my team. I have gap to gap power and my CF5 -8 is too light for me. Would this work for me?
The XL3 is an end loaded bat and work well for a power hitter.
Hi I play USSSA baseball in 13U. Would this be good for me if I'm just a contact hitter?
If you are a contact hitter, I would probably suggest to go with a two piece bat like the S2 or XL2. The XL3 is a one piece end loaded bat and usually better suited for power hitters. Typically more contact hitters prefer a two piece bat like the XL2 or the S2. However, if you feel more comfortable swinging a one piece end loaded bat, then this one would be a great option.
Is it BBCOR certified?
No, the Easton XL3 (SlXX35) is not BBCOR certified. BBCOR models are only available in a -3 drop. The BBCOR model of the XL3 is BB11X3.
My son has had this bat less than a week and only used it a couple times. Now it sounds like there is sand inside it. Is this possible or might the inside of the bat be broken somehow? Or is there another explanation?
That sound is usually caused by dried glue or epoxy that was used to secure the end cap onto the bat that has broken lose and is trapped in the bat. This is not something that will affect the life or performance of the bat.
Which is a better bat for more of a contact hitter the Marucci CAT 5: MSB2 Senior League or the Easton XL3: SL11X35 Senior League?
Thank you for your question. The Marucci CAT 5: MSB2 is a better bat for a more contact style hitter. The CAT 5 is a more balanced bat and works better for more of a contact hitter. The Easton XL3: SL11X35 is an end loaded bat that is designed more for power hitters.
I need a -5 bat for AAU baseball I'm 13 and a contact hitter. I like Easton bats a lot, but the XL1 is too expensive for my budget. Would this or the Marucci CAT 5 be better?
Either the Marucci CAT 5 or the Easton XL3 would be a great choice. The main difference between the two is the Marucci CAT 5 is very balanced, while the XL3 has an end loaded feel to it. If you are used to that end loaded feel, then the XL3 would be the way to go. If not, then the CAT 5 would be a great pick.
Is this bat balanced or end loaded?
The Easton XL3 is an end loaded bat.
Is this a legal bat to be used in the Little League International Junior League Division?
The Easton XL3 is an all alloy bat. With that being said, it is legal for play in a Junior League Division.
is composite better than aliminum
Composite is the better of the two materials. The composite is not only supposed to give you more pop off the bat, but is is more durable to prolong the life of the bat. Here is the link to view more details about the Easton XL3.
My son is going to play 14U travel ball next year. Last year at 13U he used the -8 CF5. This year he needs to transition to -5 to get ready for -3 the following year. We are contemplating the best bats for him at -5 and wondering what to get. Any opinions?
I would suggest the 2013 DeMarini Voodoo and 2012 DeMarini Vexxum. I will also suggest the Easton XL1 and XL3. All of these bats are very high performing and have a lot of pop.
Nick K.
If you had to pick between this bat and the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum, which would you get?
Easton man
The Easton XL3 is a one-piece bat that would work well for power hitters and the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum is a two-piece bat that would work well for contact hitters. Both are very high performing bats.
Nick K.
My son's Easton Rival BG12XL -5 bat broke after his last homerun and although he wants that bat replaced, we cannot locate the same bat. Is this bat just as good as that bat? He has a -8 in this model, but prefers his Rival.
The Easton Rival has been discontinued, so it will be very difficult to find a replacement Rival. The Easton XL3: SL11X35 has replaced the Rival for 2012. It is made from an upgraded alloy and is endloaded to provide for more power.
Nick D
Is this a bbcore bat
No, the Easton XL3: SL11X35 is not a BBCOR bat. It is a -5 1.15 BPF USSSA bat.
Nick D
I'm 12 and 135 pounds is this bat to heavy for me in a 32 in?
Big hitter
It's hard to say without being able to see and analyze your swing. I recommend finding a -5 bat of the same size in a store locally, and taking some swings with it. This will give you a good idea of whether or not you'll be able to handle a bat of that size.
When is easton coming out with there new bats for 2013?
The Easton XL3 Senior League should be available this coming November.
Should I get this or the 2012 Voodoo?
Both are excellent bats, but designed differently. The Easton XL3 is a one-piece alloy bat. It will be more stiff and slightly end loaded, better for a power hitter. The 2012 Voodoo will have more flex and be more balanced, better suited for a contact hitter.
Are small 13 year old kids expected to swing a -5 bat in Babe Ruth?
The 13-15 Babe Ruth Division only requires a -3 if the bat has a composite barrel. Bats with an alloy barrel can be any drop. A -5 is not required. A -10 to a -5 can be used in Babe Ruth 13-15 Division.
Is this bat composite? I am a sixth grader trying out for the middle school team and I need to get a drop 5. Would this be a good transition from a drop 10 even though I am using a wooden drop 5 in practice?
The Easton XL3 is a one-piece all alloy bat that is slightly end loaded. The Easton XL1 is a two-piece composite bat. If you are a power hitter, either bat would be a great choice.
Can you use this bat in batting cages with yellow dimpled balls?
Yellow dimpled pitching machine balls are known to be very dense and can depreciate the lifespan of any bat. It would be recommended to use a "back-up" bat in the cages with these type of balls.
Does this bat have a stiff handle or a flex handle?
Big D
The XL3 is a one piece bat with a stiff handle.
What is the difference between XL1,XL2,and XL3?
XL1 is two-piece, full composite. XL2 is two-piece, alloy barrel, composite handle. XL3 is one-piece, full alloy.
is the xl2 or xl3 better
The XL2 would be better from the added durability from the composite handle, but still doesn't require a break-in period since the barrel is still alloy.
Does the XL3:SL11X35 come in a -8?
The Easton XL3 is not available in a -8. However, the Easton XL1 is available in a -8.
Are the bat rules going to be the same for next year?
Bat rules vary on the particular league you will be playing in. This Easton XL3 has the newest USSSA stamp and from the information we have that will not change any time in the near future.
Will Easton make a half and half bat for drop 5 for the 2013 season?
The Easton XL1 will be available in a -5 on November 15, 2013.
Is this bat legal for use in Middle School league?
Leagues and organizations will vary at that age in bat rules and regulations. I would recommend contacting a coach or a league official.
me & my son were watching the LL world series and are looking for the easton bat [yellow] or black. that the kids were using in the games.whats the brand #s and when will it be available.?
coach pop
Those are Easton's 2013 bats. They will hit the market around November 15th.
I am looking everywhere for a 31" 23oz. Easton XL1. Do you know where to find one somewhere, because you guys are sold out.
xl1 all day
I have checked over 10 websites and everyone appears to be out, you will have to wait for the new Easton line on November 15th.
My son will be trying out for his high school team in Spring 2013 and he'll also play 14's in the summer of 2013. Will this bat be legal for both?
The Easton XL3: SL11X35 Senior League is not legal in high school. Only adult BBCOR bats are legal.
Is the USSSA 1.15 stamp the same as the 1.15 BPF?
Yes, the stamps are the same. The old stamps only said 1.15 BPF. The new stamps must say USSSA 1.15 BPF.
My son has been using an Easton Rival 30/20 bat for several years and now needs to switch to a -5 bat. Which bat would you recommend the Easton XL3 or XL1 bat for him, and in what length? He is 5'2" and 102 pounds.
The Easton XL3 is going to be the bat for your son. The Easton Rival is a one-piece design just like the Easton XL3 so it will feel the most familiar when he swings it.
What is the difference between an Adult bat and a Senior League bat?
All Adult bats will have a -3 length to weight ratio, be BBCOR certified, and have a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8". Senior League bats will have a -5 to -12 length to weight ratio and have a 2 5/8" or 2 3/4" barrel diameter.
Doug F.
Is the 2012 Easton XL3 still authorized for 2013 season?
Coach P.
Yes. The 2012 Easton XL3 has the USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp required for play in 2013.
I have been using the Easton Rival 31-21 and now I think I want to switch to a -5. I am 14 and I'm 5'9 and 160 pounds. What bat would you recommend? I am considered a power hitter with decent bat speed.
It's always recommend that a player stick with the same type of bat they have used in the past with the most success. In doing so, the player is much, much more likely to have continued success at the plate. The XL3 replaced the Rival and would be recommended for a power hitter like yourself.
My son is 13 and weighs 100 lbs. Would this be a good bat for him? What weight and length should he use?
Based on his age, we would recommend a 30" 25 oz. model in the Easton XL3: SL11X35 Senior League bat. For further information on sizing, please visit our Bat Coach at
My son is 13, 5'9" tall, and weighs 120 lbs. He is going from a -10 to a -5 or lower due to league rules. What size and weight would be good for him?
For someone your son's age and size, I would suggest going with the 32" 27 oz. model of the 2013 Easton XL3: SL13X35 Senior League.
What bat is for a power hitter?
this guy
And end loaded bat like the Easton XL3: SL11X35 Senior League is a good choice for a power hitter.
Is this bat better than the 2013 XL3, or are they the same?
The 2012 and 2013 Easton XL3 are the exact same bat, aside from a slight cosmetic change.
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Bat Properties

Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat: SL11X35
Approved For USSSA
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8"
Baseball Bats Youth
Bat Type Baseball
Deals Bundle and Save
Length to Weight Ratio - 5
Material Aluminum
Series XL3
Vendor Easton
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