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Bat Pack BamBooBat Bamboo Wood Fungo Bats: HBBW34 2-Pack

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BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34
$69.99 With Free Shipping Both Ways
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Is it a -3?

The BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34 does not feature a -3 length to weight ratio. Fungo bats typically range in weight from 20 to 24 ounces depending on the length.

Logan Expert
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How much do your fungo bats weigh, both the 34" and 37"? Is the bamboo used more or less flexible than ash? Thanks.

The 37" model of the BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat (HWBBFM) will weigh approximately 24.2 ounces. The 34" model will weigh approximately 22.1 ounces. The pure Bamboo bats will be very comparable in terms of flexibility to ash.

Joe Expert
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BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34
About BamBooBat

Bamboo had never experienced commercial success for baseball bats until BamBooBats hit the market. BamBooBats are made from the highest quality bamboo material available. To do so, they have teamed with scientists and researchers in China who specialize in the use of bamboo materials to create the best possible bat on the market made from BBB's proprietary mix of bamboo species. Wood bats today break easily, but BamBoo baseball and softball bats are not easily broken like traditional bats, and they feel just as good. The BamBooBat team believes that money spent on bats should be wort.... read more

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Bat #1: BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34
Bat #2: BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34
Bat Features
  • Available in 34 or 37 Inch Lengths
  • 7/8 Inch Thin Handle
  • All Purpose Fungo - Great for Hitting Ground Balls or Sending Fly Balls to the Deepest Parts of the Field
  • Bamboo Wood Construction - One of the Strongest Natural Materials on the Planet
  • Hard Taper Barrel to Handle
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Matte Handle Finish Improves Grip
  • * 100 Day Manufacturer's Warranty *
  • Free Shipping!

Description for BamBooBat Bamboo Fungo Wood Bat: HBBW34
BamBooBat is the new weapon in baseball. Built from one of the strongest natural materials, BamBooBats are made from the highest quality bamboo available. There's no more worrying about breaking a bat like you would see in the normal wood bats. Take your BamBooBat to the practice fields with no worries of easy breakage as well as a 100-day one-time manufacturer's warranty replacement. This assures players that even if they make a mistake and hit the ball on the wrong spot of the bat within 100 days of the purchase, BamBooBat will pay for the mistake with a new bat! BamBooBat uses its Patent Pending Quadcore Technology that allows the ball to `jump` off the bat. This Quadcore Technology also allows for a balanced feel not found in some other bamboo bats. BamBooBats are made with a beautiful high gloss lacquer finish on all models. BamBooBat: Go Green, Save the Earth. Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Thanks... received it today. Very nice and super fast. Will be back when I need another one.

- B.K., Chandler, OK
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Wood Type:Bamboo

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