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Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K Quantity
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  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 10 Length-to-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Weight

  • 3-Piece, Hybrid (Alloy Barrel + Composite Handle) Baseball Bat

  • Displays USA Baseball Certification

  • Approved For Play in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, Pony & NABF Baseball

  • Colorway: Red | Black | Silver

  • NEW Youth Axe Handle - 2nd Generation Ergonomic Axe Handle Designed For Young Players To Enjoy More Bat Speed, Bat Control & Consistency

  • Armour Enhanced Alloy - Hot Out Of The Wrapper Performance + The Bat Should Be Strong & Durable For Its Entire Lifetime

  • Precision Machined Variable Blastwall Barrel - Alloy Barrel Is Built For Top Performance On Sections That Will Contact A Baseball. The Barrel Thickness Is Designed So That A Ball Flies Off Any Part Of The Barrel’s Sweet Spot.

  • NEW Shock Suspension Technology - Intercepts The Vibration At The Connection Point Before It Reaches Your Hands. Swing With Confidence & Comfort.

  • NEW Charged Carbon Max Speed Handle - Composite Handle Elevates Lightweight Speed Performance

  • HyperWhip Composite End-Cap - Lightweight Carbon-Fiber End Cap. Removes Excess Weight From End Of The Barrel

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty


2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K

Axe's Avenge Pro is going to usher in a new and incredible era of baseball performance on USA Baseball diamonds across the nation! Grab one quickly!

Bat Benefits

This USA rated baseball bat is jam-packed with incredible technology! First off, the bat has an ergonomic axe handle and knob to it. This makes the bat more comfortable for a human hand to hold and actually should allow batters to swing the bat a little faster when compared to how they swing a regular-handle baseball bat. Typically, a little more swing speed leads to better performance on hits!

Axe specifically builds this bat in the drop 10 sizing which is great because it has the potential to serve the widest range of player ages. We have seen players from 7-12 years old swinging drop 10 sized bats!

In addition, the barrel is built from the Charged Carbon + Composite material. This material is touted as being the best composite materials ever created by Axe. And to make sure that the comfort matches the performance, the entire Vibration Cancelling System is added to the bat to allow hardly any vibration to get down to a batter's hands on a miss-hit.


Axe makes sure that customers are going to be happy with their products and because of that, they extend a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on this bat. If you get the bat from JustBats and notice that something is wrong structurally or performance-wise within 1 year from when you bought it, please notify the JustBats Bat Experts. The Experts are trained in product and warranty knowledge and will make sure you get the information to successfully set up a warranty replacement process with Axe!


Average Ratings Based on 5 Customer Reviews

4.8 Stars:Overall Rating
4.5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
4.5 Stars: Vibration
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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
Chop down your opponents Adam Eraca Coach

Pros: THE Best USA bat in the game! Excellent pop right out of the box. Quality and durability with no vibration whatsoever. If you don’t have one yet hustle up!

Cons: Like all bats it’s pricey. Making it about $50 cheaper wouldn’t hurt. But it didn’t stop me from buying this one or last seasons version either.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
GOAT Luis C. Coach

Pros: Great pop and doesn't sting their hands like those other brands. Kids seem to really like the feel of the Axe handle too. Overall just a really great USA bat. Nothing negative to say.

Cons: N/A

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
Best USA bat of 2023?? Maybe Ryan Coach

Pros: It's super light. It's super powerful. No sting. No feedback at all. Got this for my son, his second 2-piece USA bat after I got him the Goods for Christmas (major disappointment, btw). Now, he only wants to swing 2-piece cause of the confidence he gets from not getting rung up. Loves the handle. Only downside is the whole 10u team is using it.

Cons: No reason this cant be $199. Thats the way they are all going now, though.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
4 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
Axe avenge pro Max Beard Coach

Pros: The hottest ?? bat I've purchased in a long time. Maybe even since my old TPX bat, when I was a kid! My son loves it along with our fans. All the kids on our team tried it out. I see the difference in their swing immediately. The handle helps fix their hands correctly for solid contact. The pop is amazing. During practice I hit the balls to them with it. It's harder to tame my swing down than our easton ghost composite bat. Feels illegal. ??

Cons: Maybe expensive, but so is everything else now a days. You pay for what you get. I feel it was worth it.

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4 Stars: Overall Rating
4 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
4 Stars: Pop
2 Stars: Vibration
Perfect hand fit Eric Parent

Pros: Axe handle contours much more naturally in the hand. Bat performs from the first hit.

Cons: None

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Can you use this bat hitting with a pitching machine?
We would not recommend the Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K, or any other game bat, for the hitting of the yellow dimple baseballs as they are heavier than a regular ball.

About the Brand

Launched by Baden Sports in 2011, the Axe line of bats was hailed as a breakthrough in bat technology by players and coaches from youth leagues to the Pros. The makers of the Axe line of bats often pose the question, "What does your traditional knob do for you?" Most players don't have a good answer. Axe engineers have created a handle that is not only more comfortable and safer in terms of hand injuries, but also helps improve the hitter's swing by keeping them on an even plane. Although Axe is new to the market, they are backed by Baden Sports, Inc., an independent, family-owned company that has been making baseball products since 1979. Their passion to create a better game is unparalleled, making it no surprise that the Axe handle is set to be baseball's next big thing.

Bat Properties

Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K
Approved For USA Bat
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats Youth
Bat Construction Three-Piece
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black Red Silver
Deals Personalization Eligible
Length to Weight Ratio -10
Material Half and Half
Series Avenge
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor Axe
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