Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243 (0)

Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Length & Weight:
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  • 2 9/16 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Thin 15/16 Inch Handle
  • Traditional Knob
  • Approximate -2 to -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Natural Finish
  • Black Logo
  • Medium Taper
  • Recommended For Someone With Experience Hitting Wood
  • End Loaded Swing Weight
  • Dupont Two Part Hard Coat For Ultimate Hardness & Durability
  • High Quality Maple Wood

Since 2009 the Tucci Lumber Company, now named Tucci Limited, has elegantly crafted and delivered nothing but the best in terms of wood baseball bats. Extensive technical research, constant design, and manufacturing process refinement goes into each and every design and model that Tucci has to offer. These bats have reached the pinnacle of the industry! Tucci is now trusted by hundreds of professional and amateur baseball players across the globe. The thing that sets Tucci apart from the competition is their unique understanding of the wood. They strive to create the highest quality, highest performing products to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes. Years have been spent refining their products so that you the player are guaranteed one of the best wood bats in the game. While other companies also claim to use the best wood available, Tucci ensures this quality by burnishing each bat with a hardened piece of steel that ensures that the bat will be as hard as it possibly can be. This process compacts the outer layer of wood which diminishes the probability of fraying while reducing seam marks and indentations.The result is an increase in how the ball jumps off the bat that will be noticeable from the start.

The Pro Select Limited Series that Tucci offers is their top-of-the-line product. The billets selected for this series are hand split and hand selected to ensure the straightest slope of grain. Every Pro Select Limited bat is crafted to meet and exceed all Major League Baseball requirements and everyone that swings one is getting the same quality that the pros are using. These bats feature a Dupont two-part hard coat for ultimate hardness and extreme durability. This Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243 model features a 2 9/16 inch barrel diameter that tapers into a thin 15/16 inch handle with a traditional knob. Additionally, the TL-243 features an approximate -2 to -3 length to weight ratio, a 243 turning model, and a natural finish. Tucci: Strength Lies Within! Make sure to order yours today with free shipping!

Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243
Tucci Pro Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat: TL-243

Very user friendly weg site, I also needed to speak to a live person about my order and was impressed with your Customer Service team, they picked up after the second 'ring'. 10 minutes after I placed my order through your web site I realized I should have ordered a different bat, I should have ordered the DeMarini Voodoo instead of the M2M. I contacted John in your customer service dept he took my name and phone # and said he was going to try and catch my original order before it left the wharehouse and would call me back in 10 minutes. John was able to catch my original order and cxl it, and we placed my new order right over the phone, done in 5 minutes. I got the bat I wanted, I didn't have to return anything, great customer service!

Stephen , Carmichael, CA