Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult (4)

Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult
Length & Weight:
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  • Overall Rating
by andy

Pros: Nice balance ,feels great to swing,solid wood,handle feels great,hit 2 home runs my first game,ball jumps off bat like crazy,and it looks cool

Cons: none

  • Overall Rating
by Griff

Pros: Great pop, slight end load really helps the ball jump off the bat. Sam bat is great wood with mad pop. It even has pop when you hit it off the end of the bat


  • Overall Rating
by jmoreno

Pros: Excellent bat!

Cons: None.

  • 2 1/2 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Handle: 29/32 Inch Diameter
  • Approximate -2 to -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Black Finish
  • Free Shipping!
  • Made From Top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Retains 100% of the Maple's Natural Hardness
  • Slightly Flared Knob
  • Thin Handle with Even Taper to the Barrel
  • Turning Model: 141
  • Rideau Crusher Model
Is the CD1 the most balanced Sam Bat? Asked by APbats

The Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult is a very well balanced Sam Bat. Marcus Expert

I am a line drive hitter with some power. I want a bat that feels great in my hands, has great durability and is a balanced bat. I cannot decide which bat would be better for me the Sam Bat CD1 or the Marucci Cutch 22. Asked by Woodbats

I would recommend the Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CD1) for a contact hitter. It is more balanced than the Cutch 22 and is very durable. Bobby Expert

Is there any paint transfer on the ball from Sam Bats, the black models especially? Our league made black wooden bats illegal years ago because of it. Asked by Coldtwofour

I haven't heard of any issues with the Sam Bat Maple Wood Bat (CD1) involving paint transfer regardless of the colors. Bobby Expert

The SAM BAT CD1 is one of the most popular models we make. This longstanding favorite is a great transitional model for players looking to switch from metal to wood. A classic rounded knob meets a straight handle, giving the bat a similar feel to aluminum. The CD1 is a regular barrel model with a straighter barrel and a relatively quick taper from handle to barrel. All SAM BATs are crafted from professional grade hard rock maple for outstanding strength, longevity and performance. Some folks will lead you to believe that wood is wood, and that the brand does not matter. Others will tell you that the bigger the brand, the better the wood, because of their sheer mass of raw materials, and the ability to hand select the finest timber. We will tell you that is only the beginning. All Sam Bat timber is of the highest grade Hard Maple available in North America. Every bat to come out of the mill is made from the top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber. That makes a Sam Bat good, but what happens next makes it great. Conventional lathes put a tremendous amount of stress on timber as the wood is being turned. This fatigue weakens the stick before it even sees the ballpark. Sam Bat timber is turned into a baseball bat on a proprietary lathe, custom built for and designed by Sam Holman, the founder of Sam Bat. This exclusive technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process. Most bats lose at least 4-5 long shots before they leave the factory floor, but Sam Bats keep them. But the real test is at the elite pro level. In just a few years, hundreds of professional players have made the switch to Sam Bat Hard Maple. Sam Bat: The Original Maple Bat Corporation! Free Shipping!

Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult
Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult
Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult
Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult
Sam Bat Maple Wood Baseball Bat: CD1 Black Adult

Ordered my 2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Tuesday and I was expecting maybe a week and a half for delivery. The bat arrived that same Friday. Amazing service!

Christian, , GA