Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC (0)

Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Length & Weight:
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  • Large Flared Knob
  • Approximate -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Bone Rubbed To Ensure An Insanely Hard Hitting Surface
  • Pulled From Marucci's Production Line For Not Meeting Professional Players' Specifications
  • May Be Any Turn Model From Marucci's Production Line
  • Handcrafted From Professional Grade Maple Wood
  • Pro Cupped End Helps Improve Overall Durability
  • Recommended For Batting Practice & Cage Hitting
  • Colorway: Natural With Black Marucci Logo
  • Barrel Diameter & Handle Thickness Not Guaranteed
What is the difference between the professional cuts and the other models based off players? Why the price difference? Asked by YourKillinMeSmalls

The Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC can be pulled from Marucci's production because it does not meet the Pro players specifications for any reason. So, the Pro Cut models can be from any line of Marucci's models. Cooper Expert

There's a reason Marucci wood bats are used by more professionals on Big League diamonds than any other brand. With their attention to detail, immaculate wood quality, and unmatched durability and pop, Marucci Pro Cut models are in a class of their own. What exactly is a Pro Cut, you ask? In short, these models were initially being made by Marucci for a Major League player but ended up not meeting a particular players' exact specifications. These wood bats were then pulled from production for any number of reasons, including the length, the weight, the balance point, or the handle. With that said, all of these wood bats are still structurally sound and in a great, playable condition. Since these models do not match exact specifications, a turn model is not guaranteed when you buy a Marucci Pro Cut. That means the barrel diameter and the handle thickness may vary, but the one thing that you can count on is that each one of these Marucci maple bats comes with an extra large flared knob and the highest possible grade of wood. The best part? Each one of these wood baseball bats is bone rubbed to ensure an insanely hard hitting surface with long lasting durability. Marucci: Honor The Game!

This Marucci Professional Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat (MWMPC) features a natural colorway, a pro cupped end to enhance durability and an approximate drop 3 length to weight ratio. Due to the unique construction of these wood bats, they are recommended for batting practice or cage hitting and do NOT come with a manufacturer's warranty. With that in mind, step up to the plate like a pro and pick up one of these Marucci Pro Cut wood baseball bats today with free shipping. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here from click to hit!

Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC
Marucci Pro Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MWMPC

I can only wish all companies has the customer service has. I called and talked to Linda and she went above and beyond to get the batpack I wanted. She was the best. I will continue to recommend this company to everyone I know in my baseball community!

Mike, San Diego, CA