Marucci Ash Wood Baseball Bat: MCABBCULL Black Adult (5)

Marucci Ash Wood Baseball Bat: MCABBCULL Black Adult
Length & Weight:
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  • Overall Rating
by oncewas

Pros: very nice bat...only had minor blemish

Cons: none

  • Overall Rating
by mte

Pros: Has a lot of pop. The ball jumps off.

Cons: Took 10 swings to snap it. Not made for durability

  • Overall Rating
by Nelz


Cons: NONE

  • Bone Rubbed to Close Pores and Make the Wood Harder
  • Handmade and Hand Finished
  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Ash Wood
  • BLEM Bats Were Pulled From the Production Line for Any Number of Reasons That Didn't Meet Marucci's Standards
  • Free Shipping!
  • Pro Cupped End
  • No Warranty on Marucci BLEMs
  • Recommended for Batting Practice and Cage Hitting
  • Can Be Any Turn From Marucci's Production Line
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Audio:
Is this a good bat for power hitters? Asked by the kid mc

Marucci wood bats are great performing bats. Ash wood bats are a little lighter and have a little more flex than Maple wood bats, which will create more whipping action of the bat head. Maple wood bats are a harder wood and more stiff, which a lot of power hitters prefer. Austin Expert

Does this bat say blem on it? Also, which is better ash or maple? Asked by Cmck9

Yes. It will say Blem on the barrel. Ash vs. Maple comes down to the preference of the player. Maple tends to be more durable. Ash is a little softer and players say the ball feels better coming off the barrel. Tyler Expert

Hello. is this prostock ash? Asked by Bam Bam 8

Yes, the Marucci Ash Wood Bat: MCABBCULL Black Adult bat is an Ash wood bat with a well balanced feel. The Marucci Ash Wood Bats have an approximate -3 length to weight ratio. Austin Expert

The Marucci Bat Company™ takes pride in turning top quality wooden baseball bats in the same tradition and precise technique of the earliest bat companies. Every Marucci Bat™ is cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed and lacquered by hand. The Marucci Bat Company™ uses top grade Ash billets cut from selected, naturally grown trees in Pennsylvania forests. This selection process insures the highest possible grade of wood for each bat. Due to this state of the art selection process, certain bats do not make the cut. For the first time Marucci is offering BLEM bats that did not meet their standards for any number of reasons during production. Marucci Blem bats can contain any mistake that Marucci made during the production process. This can range from Tiger Stripping in the wood, uneven grain, light/heavy billets, and many other minor cosmetic flaws in the wood. The performance of the bat is not compromised, however, due to their status as BLEM bats, no warranty is offered on these models. These bats are recommended for batting practice and cage hitting, but can be used in games with the hitter's understanding of the BLEM qualification and no warranty policy. The Marucci Bat Company™ bats are 100 percent handmade or turned in small batches from an original design, then finished and detailed by hand. Most impressive is the Bone Rubbing technique that The Marucci Bat Company™ uses. `Boning` bats began in the earliest days of baseball with players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. These Hall-of-Famers would spend hours in their dugouts rubbing their bats with old cow femur bones. Bone Rubbing closes the wood`s pores, compressing it and making it harder. Marucci uses the same technique on their bats, rubbing before the finish is applied to seal and harden the wood. Just another example of how Marucci takes the same pride in their bats as our baseball heroes once did. Experience the excellence of a Marucci Bat. Free Shipping!

Marucci Ash Wood Baseball Bat: MCABBCULL Black Adult
Marucci Ash Wood Baseball Bat: MCABBCULL Black Adult

I was very happy with everything, how fast the bat arrived, the explanation of shipping timing on the web order and tracking info link provided.

Cynthia, Chalfont, PA