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Louisville Slugger Custom Bat
Build Your Own

Build Your Custom Bat

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  • Design Your Own 2017-18 Louisville Slugger Wood, Fastpitch Softball, Or Baseball Bat!
  • * Cancellations/Modifications - Once Order is Placed, No Changes Can Be Made *
  • * Custom Bats Are Expected to Ship 6 Weeks After Purchase *
  • Customize The Barrel, Handle, Grip, End Cap, & Knob
  • Choose From Louisville Slugger Top Models (MLB Prime, LXT, PXT, & Prime 918)
  • Start From Scratch Or Begin With A Featured Design
  • Personalize Your Barrel With Up To Nine Characters
  • Palette Includes Up to 18 Different Color Options
  • Decide Between A Matte Or Gloss Finish
  • Choose From 21 Different Grip Colors
  • Warranty: Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty On Composite Bats
  • Warranty: Wood Bats Do NOT Come With A Warranty

Your specs, your style, your bat!

Louisville Slugger Custom Bats are the result of over 130 years of high-level craftsmanship and technology combined with players' individual preferences and style. Whether you're looking for MLB Prime wood bats, fastpitch softball bats, or a baseball bat, you can now customize one to your own liking. These make the perfect gift for a friend, a child, or a loved one. Start by choosing what type of model you'd like to design, customize everything from the end cap to the knob, and then personalize it with up to nine characters how you see fit. There are up to 21 different base colors (both in matte and gloss finish), 18 different grip colors, and you can either start from scratch or begin with a featured design. Once you've completed your perfect custom bat, let us build it! Keep in mind that all custom bat orders take anywhere from four to six weeks for delivery from the time of purchase. With the Louisville Slugger custom bat builder, you have access to thousands of different colorways at your fingertips.

NOTE: Once an order is placed, no changes can be made.

Do you have any questions about your order or the Louisville Slugger custom bats in general? Feel free to consult the "Help" button at the bottom of the custom bat builder interface. You can also call Louisville Slugger's customer service at 800-986-5614 or you can reach the JustBats.com Customer Coaches at 866-321-2287. Remember, we'll be here for you from click to hit!

Louisville Slugger Custom Bat
Louisville Slugger Custom Bat

Thank you very much. I appreciate your excellent customer service!!! I WILL be ordering a different bat from your company ASAP.

Steve, Moscow, ID