Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SB34 (10)

Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SB34
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  • Overall Rating
by c-los

Pros: For the power hitters 50 clams is nothing(buy two), for those of us that can place the ball and are control hitters... buy it. I am 42 years young. This stick is worth every argument with spouse, so that said I can reach the fence when I want and line drive the ball into the holes so I could walk to first (bad knee)... what else do you want.

Cons: A little top heavy, but just like golf let the tool do its job... a little tape for the handle and the tool become VERY friendly. finding the sweet spot might be a challenge for some, but once you do...

Fantastic Bat by Steven D
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  • Finish
  • Durability
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Pros: Lasted me 3 years playing in both hot and cold conditions. Has an end-loaded feel to it, and the stiffness allows me to place the ball easily. Super durable, excellent bang for the buck. Better than the Brett Bros, better than Worth, better than Viper.

Cons: Feels heavier than 28oz, so smaller players might have a hard time keeping up the bat speed.

  • Overall Rating
by PhillyBomber

Pros: Excellent grip, and the ball just flies off this bat.

Cons: the only problem is you have to hit it just right lil room for slightmess the ball wont go nowhere

  • 34 Inch Length
  • 7/8 Inch Handle
  • Black Barrel/Natural Handle
  • Free Shipping!
  • North American Maple
  • Handcrafted in California, U.S.A.
  • Laser Engraved Barrel
  • Cupped End
  • * Features ASA Certification Engraved on Barrel *
  • Audio:
Could I possibly get a name engraved in this bat? Asked by Donovan Ahern

Unfortunately there is not name engraving available for the Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SB34. Cameron Expert

The label is engraved on one of the 2 sides where the grain is tightest. How should the wood grain be aligned to contact the ball? Asked by Dave

If a model of this Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SB34) has the label printed on one of the sides of the bat where the grain is the tightest, I would recommend hitting the ball on the side of the bat that is opposite to the label. If you hit the ball in that manner, you will be able to hit with the tight grains and also not expose the label to the ball (which could present durability issues). Ben Expert

What is the warranty on this bat? Asked by porkslaps22

The Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat (SB34) does not feature a warranty. Patrick Expert

After successfully establishing themselves as a heavyweight in the metal bat market, Easton now turns its focus to making wood bats that live up to the quality its loyal fans have come to expect. The Easton maple wood slow pitch softball bat will live up to your expectations... and then some. Made from hard and durable North American Maple, this bat is perfect for wood bat leagues, batting practice, or recreational use. A high quality bat from barrel to knob, the Easton maple slow pitch bat features laser engraved graphics and a cupped end. Best of all, Easton's wood bats are all handcrafted in California, right here in the U.S.A. With a 34" length and a 7/8" handle, this bat can help players improve their swing by allowing them to step to the plate with a sense of confidence. Easton: Know-Feel-Be The Difference! The Easton Maple Softball Bat is approved for play in ASA and most other leagues. Free Shipping!

Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SB34
Easton Maple Wood Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SB34

Shipping was ULTRA fast....3-days quicker than anticipated. My daughter was very pleased with the bat and service.

Johnathan, San Diego, CA