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DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: DXCFA "Slapper" (32)

DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: DXCFA
Length & Weight:
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Dimarini slapper by carissa
  • Overall Rating
  • Graphics
  • Durability
  • General Feel
  • Pop

Pros: the bigger sweet spot gives my daughter who is a slapper and bunter most of the time a better angle to bunt and slap but she does not only slap and bunt and this bat gives her a little more pop

Cons: she just got ot last week for a tournament and did take her a couple games to get used to it but it is like that with any bat.

Lefty contact hitter by Softball Dad
  • Overall Rating
  • Pop
  • General Feel
  • Durability
  • Graphics

Pros: Great pop out of the wrapper, barrel length really provides more "contact patch" for improved batting control. 14y/o daughter is a lefty hitter and contact hitter, this bat can send the ball wherever she wants it to go! The reverse wrapped tape sounds like hype but it really does improve grip and bat feel. Favorite bat ever!

Cons: Graphics aren't her favorite and unknown durability but all her prior DeMarinis have never disappointed and still used by sibling and teammates.

  • Overall Rating
by softball09

Pros: went my bat first came i went with my sister who got the cf8 hope to break our bats in. first hit with my bat, i thought i was already broken in. it has so much pop. i am a slapper and i love this bat.


  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF
  • D-Fusion 2.0 Handle Technology - Eliminates Vibrations and Redirects Energy to the Barrel
  • Free Shipping!
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Hot Out of the Wrapper Performance
  • Paradox Plus+ Composite for Larger, Hotter Sweet Spot
  • Two-Piece Composite Design
  • Extended 14 Inch Barrel Length
  • Lower MOI than DXCFP
  • Grip Tape Oriented to Maximize Feel/Comfort for Lefty Hitters
Does this bat come in a 32 inch 21 oz? Asked by sherwood

The DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: DXCFA "Slapper" does not come in the 32"/21 ounce size unfortunately. Carter Expert

Is this bat okay to play in a junior high softball game? Asked by Tarry

The DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: DXCFA "Slapper" will be approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF which will cover essentially every softball league out there. I would feel comfortable saying that this will be allowed for your junior high school softball game. Tyler Expert

Is this bat end loaded? Asked by Chris

This bat is not end loaded, it is a balanced model. "Insane" is DeMarini's term for their end-load models, such as the 2017 DeMarini CF9 Insane. Kyle J. Expert

New for 2016! Much more than a new number, the new DeMarini CF8 is set to impress! The CF8 Slapper is the newest addition to the CF line of bats. Designed specifically for left-handed hitters who primarily "slap" or bunt the ball to reach base, the Slapper provides a lower MOI and longer barrel when compared to the DXCFP model. The lighter swing weight and larger hitting surface allow slap hitters to better manipulate the barrel of the bat through the hitting zone which is invaluable because of their unique hitting style. However, do not believe for a second that this bat can only put the ball on the ground! With the -10 length to weight ratio, the WTDXCFA has enough mass to drive the ball to all parts of the field. Another special design tailored for a slap hitter is found in the grip. Most bats feature grips that are oriented for right handed hitters, so left handed hitters might find that their grips don't last as long. With the CF8 Slapper, the grip is flipped and the player doesn't have to worry about the grip bunching up or ripping over time. Being a CF8, this bat will also utilize DeMarini's new Paradox Plus+ Composite material in the barrel and handle to increase the sweet spot and power potential. New to this year's CF line, the D-Fusion 2.0 handle technology eliminates vibration even more efficiently than the previous model on off-center hits. By reducing these vibrations, the player's hands are protected against sting and energy is redirected back into the barrel on contact for a solid feel and more power! The CF8 features DeMarini's Stacked Double Wall Construction that optimizes the trampoline effect across the entirety of the barrel for the highest performance fastpitch regulations will allow! The CF8 Slapper WTDXCFA is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. Backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. DeMarini: Born Hardcore! Free Shipping!

DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

It is very hard to buy the correct bat. It was nice to hear that return is easy, just keep plastic on the bat. Custumer reports helped me understand about the bats. There was quite a variety of bats! Delivery was fast and my kids were very happy what they got.

Agnes, Waltham, MA