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Popular Turn Models of Wood Baseball Bats

Popular Turn Models of Wood Baseball Bats

All wood bats are created equal, right? While weight, length, and wood type are important aspects of wood baseball bats, the turn model of a wood bat can be considered a blueprint for various characteristics that affect the bat’s swing weight and feel.

The most popular wood bat turn models are the 110, 271, and 243. Below, you'll find characteristics that are unique to each turn model, as well as which type of hitters typically prefer them:

110 Turn

Wood bats with a 110 turn are ideal for players transitioning from metal bats to wood. This is because they have a similar balance and feel to metal bats. The 110 model has a similar barrel diameter to most wood bats, coming in at about 2 1/2 inches, but a thicker handle and longer barrel. This gives the 110 model a balanced feel which is preferred by contact hitters.

Handle Diameter:  1.00”

Barrel Diameter:  2 ½”

Taper (Barrel Length):  Long

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271 Turn

Wood bats with a 271 turn are similar to the 110s. The main difference is that they have a thinner handle and are slightly more end loaded. Although they are more end loaded than a 110, the 271 maintains an overall balanced feel. The 271 is a great fit for any hitting style, but because it is balanced, it is typically preferred by contact hitters.

Handle Diameter:  15/16” (.938”)

Barrel Diameter:  2 ½”

Taper (Barrel Length):  Long


243 Turn

Wood bats with a 243 turn have a thinner handle and larger barrel diameter than most wood bats. This gives the 243s an end loaded feel and can result in hitting for more power when swung by the right player. Wood bats with a 243 turn are not suggested for first timers because they are top heavy and not as easy to swing as a bat with a balanced swing weight. Because of this, they are arguably the most popular model among experienced, power hitters.

Handle Diameter:  Approximately 29/32” (.906”)

Barrel Diameter:  Approximately 2 ⅝”

Taper (Barrel Length):  Medium


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Hopefully this helps answer some questions you may have had on wood bat “turn” models. But, if you still have questions, give the pros at JustBats a call.

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