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Who Is The Glove Cowboy?

Who Is The Glove Cowboy?

Yippee ki-yay!

Recently, Easton announced an exclusive collaboration with the Glove Cowboy. To promote unique and exclusive gloves, Easton is banking on the artistic ways of this creative glove slinger. But, who is the Glove Cowboy?, with help from, has more about this glove lovin' buckaroo.

Eric Walbridge started his pitching career at UC Berkeley in 2010 while recovering from right shoulder labrum surgery. Due to the amount of downtime, his way of staying connected to the baseball team was by helping to relace gloves, breaking in gloves, or restoring leather for the gloves. Those duties cultivated a deep fascination and knowledge. So, during the summer of his sophomore year, Walbridge was back from rehab from surgery. Unfortunately, he tore his UCL and required immediate Tommy John surgery.

Glove Cowboy 1.jpg

More downtime equated to more glove stuff. While the injuries were devastating, his further education about the ins and outs of glove patterns, nuances, and materials was valuable.

Walbridge had always been attached to gloves; specifically, the ones used during his playing days. He kept every single one and still had them all. This collection started to grow, and he wanted even more gloves. He discovered the glove community on Instagram that was buying, selling, trading gloves and discussing specs, materials, and preferences. For Walbridge, it was easier to use Instagram to track down the gloves he was searching for his collection. He started posting pictures of his stockpile of gloves, while buying, trading and selling roughly ten gloves a week. The posts led to connections with countless players, coaches, and collectors who were just as passionate about gloves as him.

His Instagram account name at the time? TheGloveClub.

Speaking of gloves, should you use batting gloves or not?

Walbridge moved into his girlfriend's parents' house, in a separate bedroom for his girlfriend, of course. His twin size bed was outfitted with the only sheets he owned, cowboy pattern sheets for his childhood. He began taking all of his glove photos with those sheets as the background, essentially making the background his Instagram watermark. So, glove collectors sent to Walbridge from Instagram followers referred to him as "the guy with the gloves on cowboy sheets."

Glove Cowboy 2.jpg

It was odd. It was by accident. And, it was perfect. Walbridge ran with it and changed his Instagram account to GloveCowboy. Thus, the Glove Cowboy was officially born.

The Glove Cowboy has since grown thanks to interactions, successful dealings with other glove accounts, and articles from WhatProsWear and Baseball America. Combined with a recent collaboration with Easton gloves, the Glove Cowboy has lassoed a niche in the glove market.

Have you heard of the Glove Cowboy?

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