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Starting The Year With A Challenge To Create Healthier Lifestyles

Starting The Year With A Challenge To Create Healthier Lifestyles

In the month January, JustBats.com employees competed in an inner company Health and Wellness Challenge. The goal of this challenge was to help create healthier habits. It is said it only takes 30 days to create a new habit, so appropriately our challenge was exactly 30 days long.

The goal of our January challenge was to help everyone start the New Year healthier and happier. Each individual who signed up for the health and wellness challenge was paired up with a partner. And having a partner in any type of training or challenge definitely helps with motivation and keeps each other accountable.

Each individual was then given access to their own personal account on www.fitnessjournal.org. We used this awesome resource to help track our daily habits.

First we would plan our entire fitness week out in advance, and then we recorded whatever workouts we executed each day. Having a plan is definitely better than just winging it each day in the weight room or on the treadmill. You can actually plan exactly what you want to work on, and what aspect of your fitness you’d like to improve in that particular workout.

Second we kept a detailed food journal of everything we ate and drank each day. This helped us get into the habit of actually reading the nutritional labels on the back of everything we took in. It’s amazing the quick and easy adjustments you can make to your diet, by actually paying attention to what’s going into your body.

Third we completed a wellness journal entry every day. The purpose of the wellness journal was to track how much sleep we were actually getting every night. And the wellness journal also asked us to think about everything that went good that day and list 3 things you were thankful for. By doing this, it actually helps you appreciate all the little things, and everything good in your life.

Lastly we were given a writing assignment every day, and we would type the entry into the writing journal. This writing assignment would range from reading a health article and giving feedback, to what our goals are for the next 30, 90, and 365 days. We learned a lot of interesting facts and will definitely be more empowered to make healthier choices in future.

We were then given points each day by how detailed and complete our fitness journals were.

Overall our JustBats.com health wellness challenge was a huge success. It really helped everyone take simple steps to learning more about themselves, and helped lay the foundation to creating healthier lifestyles.

Below are some action shots of JustBats.com employees during the fitness challenge making their way to healthier habits.

Comment and let us know what you are doing this winter season to challenge yourself and create better habits, we love hearing new ideas!


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