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New Z-1000 Senior League Bat

New Z-1000 Senior League Bat

It’s fall ball time in our local league and my son is ready to make sliding catches and hit some balls out of the park! What better way to start the season then grabbing the new Louisville Slugger Z-1000 and giving it a test run? He’s used the Easton Omen in the past, so he was ready to try the newest composite bat. The bat is 2 ounces heavier than his Omen, but he got around quick and hit the ball “really far” in his words. Even Grandpa noticed a difference and couldn’t believe how hard his grandson actually hit the ball with a heavier bat. My kid is tall, but he’s not going to win any arm wrestling contests anytime soon. So the balanced weight was great for his swing. And of course, the most important feature of any bat to a nine year old, “it looks really, really cool” and I look really cool holding it Mom! Well, who wouldn’t want to look cool hammering balls into the outfield with every swing? Kids don’t care about improving their stats like RBI’s, HRs, OBP, SLG, and OPS, right? Then they would never like this bat.

Of course, now the begging and pleading begins by both my son and the rest of this teammates; when and where can I get this bat?! Now here’s the real question, do we call this an early birthday present or a really, really, really early Christmas present.? I think Santa might keep it for himself.... No matter what, we need to get our hands on the Z-1000 soon before all his teammates swipe them up!


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