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Monday Meet And Greet: Linda H.

Monday Meet And Greet: Linda H.

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at Get to know us a little better! Meet Linda! Linda works at the front desk of and makes sure when you walk through our door, you have a smile on your face! Here is what makes Linda tick.

1. How long have you worked here at
Just celebrated my 4th anniversary on March 19th
2. What are some of your responsibilities at the front desk of
I greet visitors, I also handle and log purchase orders for colleges and schools, as well as doing other Administrative Assistant duties...I am kind of like a Jill of all trades.
3. What do you enjoy most about working at
The people!! Everyone is so friendly it makes the day SO much more enjoyable!!
4. Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work?
My MAIN source of enjoyment comes from my 8 month old grandson!! Coming in 2nd place, I just moved into a brand new house, so now I am enjoying decorating it!!
5. What's your favorite sport and team?
Well this is gonna drive some people here nuts, but I am now a NY Jets fan, because I am a big Tebow fan!! But I am and always will be a Chiefs and Royals fan!!
6. What has been your favorite memory so far from working at
The t-shirt Jeramey had made for me for Christmas, that had his picture on it!!! Also, my car was in the shop and I had a rental car, back then we had a small ball field on the NW side of the building. Scott and some of the guys were out there taking some pitches, when Scott hammered one that went really high, and really far....right out to the parking lot and found the roof of my rented car....left a pretty good dent in it.....EVERYONE'S jaw was dropped watching it!!!!
7. Give us your top three favorite movies.
Titanic, The Notebook, Ghost.....I'm a big time mush!
8. Any advice for people coming into your line of work?
When you are smiling on the inside, it comes out in your work.

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