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Monday Meet And Greet: Lawrence C

Monday Meet And Greet: Lawrence C

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at Get to know us a little better! Meet Lawrence! Lawrence designs a lot of the content you see on! Here is what makes Lawrence tick.

1. How long have you worked here at
Two years this coming October.

2. What are some of your responsibilities as a Web Developer at Develop user-friendly and user-first experience to all of our sites while empathizing with the user. Develop pixel-perfect, yet flexible designs, maintain and update all UI of all our sites, develop all user-experience interaction on all sites from desktop all the way down to mobile and in-house systems, and be a css ninja.

3.What are your favorite aspects of working with the Web Development team?
Very fun environment, it's a very rich learning environment which makes developing and honing your skills that much easier, and there is never a dull moment.

4.Where do you look for inspiration?
From all aspects of life, architecture, nature, other sites, brainstorming with my co-workers, and the shower (ideas always come to me there, not sure why).

5.What would you say to someone coming into your line of work?
Never rest on what you know now, you should always try to grow as a designer. Seek out more knowledge, the more you know about the up-coming technologies, strategies, etc., the better you will be and the easier your projects will be developed, never stop learning, try to always empathize with your end user, always try to add a little fun to all of your design, and always try to learn something new every day and always take something away from each project that you can carry on to other developments/projects.

6.Whats your favorite memory so far from
Probably the first couple months I started here. Mainly when we just started developing the new site, and really was some of the best learning experiences I had. It really showed me and helped me develop the skill of learning how to learn. I was a very amateur UX designer and it helped me build some of the core skills that I still use now and will always use. I owe a lot to those experiences, if I didn't have those type of learning experiences early on in my career here, I would not be the UX designer I am now.

7.What are some challenges you face being a Web Developer
Developing web apps that can reach all browsers in a consistent look and feel across all of them, keeping up with all web standards, new techniques and technologies. It's constantly evolving and thats what keeps me up at night learning and coding in my free time. My wife doesn't appreciate it though since most nights I will fall asleep in bed with either a tech book or a design blog on my laptop, finding the best way way to relate to the user and deliver the correct message to them, recharging the creative batteries.

8.Tell us what you enjoy doing outside of working at
Working on freelance projects, learning more about design, experimenting with coding techniques, spending time with the wife, going out to eat and find new and interesting places to go with my wife such as new restaurants, new shops, parks, etc.

9. What gets you laughing the most?
Everyday I get a good laugh at work, from the people I work with, there isn't just one particular time.

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