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Monday Meet And Greet: Kyle T

Monday Meet And Greet: Kyle T

Every Monday we’d like you to meet someone new around here at JustBats.com. Get to know us a little better! Meet KT! KT is in charge of the closeout bats! Here is what makes KT tick.

1. How long have you worked here at JustBats.com?
I have worked here for just under 4 years.
2. What is your favorite sport and team?
KC Chiefs and Royals on the pro side, but before all I am a Kansas Jayhawk fan. Rock Chalk!
3. What’s your favorite thing about working at JustBats.com?
The relationships I have built both inside and outside the office. My job allows me to interact with great people on a daily basis. I have made some life long friends while working here.
4. What kind of stuff do you like to do outside of work?
I love to golf. There is nothing better than hitting the course on a nice day. I also play basketball in a league a couple times a year.
5. Tell us a little bit about what you do here at JustBats.com as Product Manager?
My title is Opportunities Supervisor. This encompasses a couple things, but primarily I manage all our closeouts. I am in charge of the negotiations, purchasing, pricing, and placement of all our closeouts. I also manage a hand full of accounts. I purchase all the product and help with marketing initiatives for each account.
6. How do you stay on top of what products are new and hot items?
You have to keep your finger on the pulse of the game. Whether watching TV, going to the ball park, or reading customer reviews I always try to stay in tune to what the players are saying. It doesn't take long for a bat to get popular, so you have to try and stay ahead of the pack. On the back end, I also work with league executives to stay on top of current bat regulations.
7. Any words of advice for people going in to your line of work?
There was a saying one of our business coaches always used that went something like, "We reserve the right to be smarter tomorrow than we are today." Basically, you have to try new things and learn from your mistakes. As long as you continue to learn from each experience you will get better at what you do.
8. What’s your favorite memory of working at JustBats.com?
Early this year I got the chance to attend the Kentucky Derby. I have always been intrigued by horse racing so attending the biggest event on the biggest stage was unforgettable.
9.What gets you laughing the hardest?
Hearing all the trash talk between members of our fantasy baseball league at work. We are all way to competitive and sometimes it gets the best of us.
10. You are in quite a few of our product videos, where did you learn those acting skills?
I love talking about baseball bats, whether on camera or off. When you are that passionate about something talking about it is easy.

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